BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera MFT Active Mount

blackmagic design pocket camera cinemadng

The new BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera was announced here at NAB2013. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
sports a Super 16 size 1080HD sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range. They are saying that the images look virtually identical to the current BMCC EF mount cinema camera. Featuring a Micro Four Thirds™ lens active mount so you can use low cost lenses, but also Super 16 cine lenses via an adapter.

blackmagic cinema pocket cinema camera

A small and attractive design with built in stereo mic's, LANC, micro HDMI with overlays for monitoring, solid grip handle that holds a removable battery and built in recorder to SD cards. It records lossless CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ). The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera is available for pre-order and should ship in July 2013 (pre-order now here)

BlackMagic Pocket CinemaBlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera
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56 thoughts on “BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera MFT Active Mount

  1. Blackmagic Pocket vs Panasonic GH3 for my secondary camera?

    im using mark iii for my main camera. will the Blackmagic Pocket footage will bland together with my 5D in my editing?

    i really plan to purchase this gorgeous camera....

  2. MN

    For a few hundred bucks we all have access to gear that Kubrick and Leone would have loved to use as their Acams. Will we make anything half as good or just complain about specs and wait for the next big thing?

    What we talk about when it comes to tech really says more about us than it does the gear.

    You can tell a good story with a friggin iPhone if you've got the skills. Otherwise it just sounds like a lot of fan-boy bleating from people that want to rationalize their financial and emotional investment in the stuff they use. Or, they're too afraid to use something that's not the latest and greatest for some reason.

    Get your hands on something... anything...and create with it. Be productive. Yapping about sensor size when you got access to all these crazily good imaging devices, regardless of specs, is insane.

  3. BlooBoy

    thanks paul!

    I don't know if this is a re-post I found this link on another forum or somewhere, just comparing the digital cinema camera with canon mark II and III. I am guessing the dynamic range will be similar in the portable cinema camera.

  4. MFT has many available adapters you do loose aperture control. My Nikon lenses worked well but besides being difficult to focus I found they didn't perform all that better than dedicated MFT lenses. You can find adapters on Ebay for cheap but I would suggest spending money for a quality one as focus alignment is critical.

  5. BlooBoy

    The micro four thirds mount, is supposedly a highly convertible mount, the choice between the ef mount or the mft mount, what are people choosing? And also, does anyone have experience with converting lenses to mft, if so, what do you need to give up in terms of lense features, i.e. auto iris control, image stabilisation etc


  6. For this price you get 4:2:2 and 13 stops, combine with Lumix 12-35 2.8 and you are done :-)
    People look at final movie not the sensor size ...

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