3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount

HiFly Camera DSLR Gimbal

Brushless gimbals have been in use for aerial video, but with the shrinking size of quality cinema cameras, many feel this could bring a big change for handheld type shooting. In the last few months there has been an explosion of various brushless gimbal stabilizers, including some affordable DIY options over on eBay. One example is this kit called the HiFly 3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Stabilizer.

The HiFly is offered in various bundles, but the complete kit comes with everything you need to get flying, but leaves one final step up to the user. The final step required for these type of stabilizers is programming the parameters into the Gimbal controller. There's some additional information on the product listing page on how you can tackle programming the gimbal, but curious if anyone out there is already tackling this type of project? You can see other brushless camera gimbals showing up on eBay (following this link).

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148 thoughts on “3 Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount

  1. Ryan

    Hey @johnny, can you put in the link for the gimbal you ordered that worked right out of the box? Cheers

  2. Johnny

    So, I got my $600 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal DSLR thanks to a link above (from the blog article), it was $700 and it went down to less than $550, it said assembled, so I ordered it. It came and tested it, it works! (without doing any software calibration yet), so I'm happy, now I have to figure out a case for it, any recommendation?

  3. Tatsuya

    Hey guys, almost took 2 hours to read all you guys comment and even trying to join the FB group if you guys allowing me? (Darren Chong) I'm thinking to get one of it as well but not the expensive set. Roughly 1.2k below but the thing is so frustration when assemble the controller and aligning balance. I were thinking to attach it on my shoulder rig with follow focus. Did you guys have any idea?! Your advice and suggestion is much appreciate.

  4. Hi
    I just received mine... it looks like the same but not realy the same. I bought this one http://www.funtobuyonline.com/3-axis-dslr-brushless-gimbal-glass-fiber-handheld-camera-gimbal-w-gbm5208-3-axis-controller.html for 600$ (one day before they dropped the price to 539$ :(
    Anyone have experience with this one ? There are no instructions at all ... if somebody could send me pics of his build (or instructions manual) it would be great.. just to figure out what are the plate delivered with... it seems it is a plate for another board than the alexmos provided

    I will update my build and other informations as soon as I can test the motors and the board... hope it works :)but I don't expect anything for the moment at this price ...

    Thank you in advance for your precious help

  5. Hey I've got few final questions before buying this gimbal


    I've read all the comments on this post but I would like to claryfy this. How does 180T motors run with Alexmoss board? Any one had any issues?

    Also I'm going to be using d800 with 24-70 lens
    will this motors support it? What kind of cameras set ups are u guys used with this gimbal with good working performance?

  6. Derek - on your joystick.. I've been trying to get one to work as well. I bought a "raw" joystick controller (unboxed/pre made) but the same one dual potentiometer thats in the ones being sold. Wondering if you have taken yours out of the black box? I'm trying to figure out if I need to run 5v power through the joystick? If you or anyone else has made their own joystick - I'd love to see the setups. Thanks for all the info on here.

  7. Eric

    I'm completely new to this, but also very interested :)

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but is the controller absolutely necessary if I just want straight steady motion?

    Is the controller only necessary if you want to be able to pan an tilt, or do you need it to actually stabilize?

  8. Ryan

    @bitnaut what you could do is setup a dummy account as bitnaut on facebook with no info about you that way you can comment on the page as well since you have alot of knowledge in this for sure. I've set up a couple dummy acounts for this reason back in the day then i just made a personal one and was done with it lol Let me know man. email me. bigrndahouse@hotmail.com

  9. Chris

    Hi all BG1 users,

    I just purchased this gimbal and I'd like to know what are your PID with alexmos controller for a 5D MK II ?
    Could you show the way to fit the controller on board ?


  10. bitnaut

    @ryan, is there a way to make the Facebook page public so you don't need an account in order to read it? I don't have Facebook.

  11. bitnaut

    I did as above with putting IMU wires through some ferrite cores I bought...also did it for the motor wires just for safety :)

    No i2C errors at all!

  12. bitnaut

    From dasrustler on RC Groups:

    "Thought of listing a few tips on setting up the 3rd axis board

    1. VERY IMPORTANT - Use least amount of heat when soldering ~ 300F. specially the daughter board. Be quick as possible and make sure the solder flows freely to the opposite side.

    2. Quickest method
    1. Solder the female 5 pin and 6 pin headers to the driver board (the larger one)
    2. Cut the male pins to size, insert in to soldered female headers
    3. Place the daughter board on top and finish the soldering.
    3. The power tabs (Lipo & Ground) - This is simply a pass thru (Just like a 'Y' harness / Parallel connection) and nothing special. You can route power any way you like. No, you don't need to have 2 sets of power leads connected to the 3rd axis board unless you are using it as a power pass-thru.

    4. Yes, you need ferrite rings at all locations where the IMU wires connects to the boards (both 2 & 3 axis). Please do yourself a favor - Just add ferrite rings and test for I2C errors BEFORE TWISTING THE LIFE OUT OF THE IMU WIRES.

    5. If you are calibrating or doing anything IMU related: Both boards needs to be powered from an external power source. If you connect USB only all lights will be active but will notice tons of I2C errors. Yes USB Only worked just fine when using 2-axis only board.

    Some common questions I get daily.

    Hope this helps"

  13. bitnaut

    @Jep No, that's for servo motors not brushless DC motors which is what we have on the Aliexpress/Famous Hobby rig.

  14. bitnaut

    @Derrick I'm not at the hooking up the motors stage yet.

    I'm just trying to calibrate the IMU with the 3rd axis board connected to the main board and the IMU and then the main board connected to USB. That's it. No power other than what is provided by the USB.

  15. Derrick

    @Bitnaut...yeah, I've done all the above. But tinkered a little yesterday and noticed a screw was REALLY hard to unscrew. I don't know it they manufacture with machines or what but I looked as if the carbon fiber was pushed through the hole of the screw and sticking up into/contacting the motor wind. I havenet taken the yaw axis apart yet but it seemed to improve a little just by backing that screw out almost completely. Try unscrewing the screws until they're almost out but still able to hold the motor in place and see.

  16. bitnaut

    Well, I recieved my Alexmos board with 3rd axis option today. Put it all together and the main board with IMU works when I connect it to the USB port and connect via GUI. However, once I hook up the IMU to the 3rd axis board and then another IMU cable between the 3rd axis board and the main board, the I2C errors go through the roof.

    I've confirmed that the IMU cables are fine since they both work with only the IMU and the main board so, according to people on RCGroups, I need to twist the IMU cables so they're braided and if that doesn't work, find ferrite cores to loop the IMU cables through to cut down on the errors.

    Well, the wire braiding didn't work so I guess I'll have to find ferrite cores at the local electronics shop tomorrow. :(

    If that doesn't work, then perhaps I have a dead 3rd axis board. GAH! :(

  17. Ian

    @Bitnaut - Thanks for that. Great idea for the monitor mount. Also great to hear that the anton bauer will drive it all day! I'll have to look into that setup.

    I ordered a lipo, but now I'm thinking it's the wrong one. Just realized there are 3s and 4s batteries. Is anyone else using a 3s 5300mah?

    Here's a clip from Kavi from the Facebook page @Derrick gave us the link to:

    Brushless Gimbal Tuning woes & Supply Voltage

    Many don’t realize the importance of the voltage supplied to the brushless controller. Maintaining a steady voltage is critical in order for the PID’s to work properly.
    The 7805 regulator (Referring to Alexmos Board) only regulates the power to the ATMEL chip and the FTDI (USB) chip. The motor drivers dump whatever the supply voltage to the motors. Taking a fully charged 4S Pack (4.2 x 4) @ 16.8V and tuning the gimbal and doing a test @ 15.6V will result in unexpected behavior. Power setting not (P) @ 16.8V is not the same @ 15V.

    On smaller gimbals the best practice would be to reduce 4S (16.8V) down to 12V using a BEC with at least 7 Amps. If you are running 3S, a BEC would not do much when the pack starts to drain since majority of them will not boost low voltage back to 12V.

    The ideal would be to use a buck-boost regulator at the voltage of your choice and a minimum output current of 8 Amps.

    So next time, before you pull your hair out, thinking that the tuning is off when the gimbal jitters or act abnormally, check supplied voltage to make sure it is within acceptable range.

    Hmmm... I didn't think the battery was going to be the complicated part.

  18. Ken T

    So the ebay seller has given me a kind refund of $80usd to buy the 3rd axis board locally and will ship out the remaining missing parts.

    Overall quite happy with the effort of resolution but annoyed for the mix up.

  19. Ken T

    @Brian - Got mine from womarts too, please check carefully as I have missing items, also did you receive the third axis board as I can't tell from the pics.

    Also, my cables for the motors are plaited/twisted with an end connector and are quite tidy, don't know if you unwound them.

    This inconsistency is not worth the 'package' deal. Nothing has really been assembled or soldered to make it an 'easy install' and it's just like buying them separately.

    For future ref. to anyone buying this, get it from Aliexpress!

  20. Ken T

    Hey Guys, I bought the item in the end from Womarts as I have been having too much trouble sourcing the controllers locally and would take a while to arrive from abroad.

    Some good and bad news, Good news is that the gimbal is solid and well machined, the same rig from aliexpess.

    BAD news, 4 x Clamp sets, 2 x Long Screws and 3rd axis board MISSING! The controller is Alexmos v2, but a clone, I have successfully updated the firmware though.
    I have still been able to assemble but have to sacrifice some clamps to position in the vital areas.

    It seems womarts does not deal with this directly and has his shipping agent to do so, blaming the shipping guy.

    In the process of resolving this so let's see how it goes.

    I may just be the unlucky one here.

  21. Jep

    Hi guys! I've been following this thread right from the start. And I too am jumping the wagon with aliexpress. @Derrick, so you think the links you sent out for the alexmos boards are good to go? If so, I'd order from them. @Everyone: If not, any other sites where we can buy better ones?

    Saw this guys vid too. It's in french though. Tying to find a way to translate what he's saying but looks like he's got good input on this thread. He has a couple more vids so check them out:


  22. Derrick

    @fortunerox...Looks like the same one in one of those diagrams I sent you. Check again and maybe try to connect once you verify.

    @Ryan...I'm in this one already.
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/TBCGG/. It's about brushless gimbals in general but there are some of the ones were dealing witt also. I could however see you starting one dedicated soley to our model(s). I'm all for it! Les go!

    @Bitnaut...Yeah I dunno if they'd have to be super accurately synced would they? Can't be THAT much off as to hinder each other I would think.

    I talked to Flash on the forum and right after I posted my problem he posted he suddenly was having the same issue. lol

    In that vid he mentions he has the 5208s. I think that manner of hanging the cam is odd...don't see how it could work actually as the gimbal/camera leverage is multiplied tremendously. It'd be interesting to see.

    @ Brian...Nice..Xmas in september! lol. Motors aren't mounted? Hmmm...looks like a bit more building than I had to do, fun none the less.

    @Ian...I said the same thing about Flashervns vid...then the next page or so he said HELP! lol...Same issue. I think in the vid he may only have been operating on 2 axis.

  23. Ian

    @bitnaut... Thanks for the links. The @flashervn test footage looks great! He has quite the intricate setup so please let us know if you manage to get any hints and tips out of him.

    hmmm... that's kind of what I was wondering about matching the speeds of the two x axis motors on the Red Rig.

    @Brain... Congrats! Let us know how the assembly goes!

  24. Hey Guys!

    Today fedex dropped me the gimbal.
    I did not have time to assemble it, i just opened the box to see what s inside.
    Well everything is OK, i ordered from Womarts, the FULL SET, for the first look, i got everything.
    I will going for a shoot tomorrow and now its midnight here, so i hope tomorrow night i can assemble it, and i will make more pictures.
    here are the pictures (i will upload more here later)

  25. bitnaut

    Gah I'm not on Facebook.

    The thing with the Red rig and the two smaller pitch motors is that people on the RC group have been discussing how to get the motors to synch because even if they're the same motor, they still run at slightly different speeds. I don't think I saw a solution to that problem or they're just living with the out of synchness...

  26. Josh

    @Ryan I think thats a great Idea! I am still in the process of setting up my gimbal. We finally got the wiring done but have yet to balance and program it. Once I get it the way I like it I will definitely be posting videos on it.

  27. Ryan

    Hey guys. What's your thoughts on me setting up a facebook group so we can have instant communication and pictures and video and all that jazz? I'm not saying Cheesycam isn't a good of communication it's just delayed lol. LOVE CHEESYCAM btw. Let me know if yall want something like that. I'll set it up. I'll just need everyones email addy to invite, i think...

  28. Ian

    @Derrick Always the way. Can't keep up with the tech in this industry. It might be a good thing to start with the one you have anyways. Anything you learn with it will directly apply to any bigger model. I bet if you can get that flying, you'll have no problem selling it.

    I emailed the guys at Aerialpixels Shop and they too said the Alexmos with 3rd axis should work fine on this Red Rig.

    They aren't releasing it for another 10 days though, so I'll keep looking further into it before I order.

  29. fortunerox

    @derrick this is what I got with mine.


    Like I said, my apologies if this has been covered already, just new to all of this stuff and getting a little frustrated.

    I've also ordered a joystick and a bluetooth unit as well in hopes of getting an android device onboard to tune it.

    I guess I can start by getting everything wired up and moving on from there. What can I do about firmware? is the one thats supplied on this adequate? can you even tell? I've been looking at a few other controllers as well, should i consider something else?

    ANy info would be great,thanks for the help!

  30. Ryan

    I'm now considering the Red Rig I mean just in case if I need to shoot with a heavier camera, not bad. Thanks Derrick,,AGAIN!!!

    I'm also considering something like this > http://jag35.com/effkit.html I'll be shooting alot of shallow depth of field stuff like for portrait video and modeling so I'll be in continuous follow focus mode lol.. Does anyone know if this would fit on it with enough clearance without throwing off the balance?

  31. Derrick

    @Ian...from what I've been seeing the Alexmos is what some use but I don't know if they're modded boards that just use the firmware or what. I hadn't looked much into that but should I get serious about switching to it I'll dig deeper. If I come across something I'll let you know. I'm kind of interested to know now.

  32. Derrick

    I'm considering it...but I just bought this one so would have to sell first....hate when that happens, lol.

  33. Ian

    So I looked into the Red Gimbal rig. Apparently there are 4 motors. They claim that the Alexmos controller with 3rd axis will in fact work with this unit. This is what they sent me:

    Bigger motor is: Iflight 8017-120T
    Small motor is: Iflight 5108-120T

    So there are two big motors and two small motors on the x axis

    I did cancel my previous order as it hadn't gone through yet to consider this heftier rig.

    Anyone else considering the Red Rig? Thoughts?

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