The T-Rex™ Rig / Stabilizer / Crane ?? WTH?

Trex Rig
Trex Video DSLR Rig

Trex Video Crane Stabilizer RigTrex video crane rig

It's a stabilizer, it's a crane, it's umm...I give up. I have absolutely no words to describe this video rig thing.. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but who the heck would find this necessary? It's a beast! You gotta love the last photo (above) where he's taking a call with a cup of coffee - LOL. It's called the ' T-Rex™ Hand Held DSLR Rig, and there's some additional information and images following the link (click here)

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48 thoughts on “The T-Rex™ Rig / Stabilizer / Crane ?? WTH?

  1. SkunkWorks

    @Michael Locke

    I posted that here some time back and Emm didn't allow it. I understood why and let it go (wink). How did you get away with it?

    That's what I meant when I said I need to send this to Luke Neumann... I knew some people would get it πŸ˜‰

  2. imgpro615

    seems StanPerry came out of his FACE a lil bit there...kinda douchebagish... that aside, i thought this was another high quality mockup joke gear like the iPhone rigging bit i saw from redrock i think...

  3. Tony

    I can see some unique production value...such as the "crane-shoulder rig" and being able to move physically from spot to spot. Is it someone you'd wear for a corporate event or wedding? probably not. But music videos and other "on set" type shoots who cares what the operator looks like if the visuals are good. Innovative to say the least... and to that I congratulate the makers.

  4. Navigoon

    This is directed at the makers.
    The price is too high. This setup has no expensive parts, all the parts are easily manufactured. It's not easy to handle or convenient to handle, since you have to assemble so many different parts and reassemble every time you want to access another function (I could just use seperate equipment, which was made for its purpose and therfor might be better at it - and also not be more expensive).
    Also the build quality all in all looks very shaky.

    But I think your idea is fresh and good - but if you want to sell it to indie filmmakers - please give it a competitive price.

  5. The rig works great, like a mobile crane.

    Its pretty obvious that its made to benefit low cost productions, but our goal is to make one rig that can be used on 90% of the shots.

    If you don't understand that, you don't understand production.

    PS. Very funny comments guys, thanks πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey everybody,

    Thanks for the feedback and the laughs. We at Tomkevich Productions are excited to see some people realizing the potential of our new product. I would say Rob S. got the idea the best "Makes sense to me. You can charge x10 for a one man crew and pocket everything!". The initial objective of the project was to create a human crane but transformed into an all-in-one affordable rig package. What you see up on eBay and youtube is a working prototype. We will be putting up more video content and updates soon so check back and e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions. Oh and by the way, get ready for the Tomkevich Revolution, we are redefining indie as you read this.

    Petr Tomkevich
    co-founder of Tomkevich Productions

  7. MN

    Obviously it's ridiculous, but I could see it being viable for a fast paced low budget music video shoot, low-budg horror film sort of thing, or some kind of goofy 3rd camera for a small industrial/corporate production.

    Come to think of it, I bet some wedding event dudes could realize some potential out of it.

    All that said, it still seems crazy. So crazy it. just. might. work?

  8. HD-tography

    The SAD part is, many of your readers ALREADY shoot on nearly equally large and funny looking rigs, but made out of PVC, or accessorize their rigs beyond being practical... I should know, I was one of them! (the later) πŸ˜€

    Have a blessed New Year Emm!

  9. Chris

    Haha I might try to make this thing. But for the bulk you might as well carry a tripod and stabilizer and itd be lighter.

  10. Jim

    That Contraption looks more like a "JETPACK"...He can probably fly with it too for the best of aerial shots ever. I'm in if it can fly.

  11. I've fallen, and I can't cue the jugglers! But I think it also has a built in device to call for help if you do fall over. They thought of everything - then built it!

  12. HDSLR Gear

    Reminds me of the old SNL skit "Russian Mini Cam" where a studio camera was on the guys

  13. MV

    That was a great laugh this morning, thanks for the post! πŸ™‚ I wonder how much of the stabilizers, handle bars, and the other support things, are actually tested by those in the industry. This thing looks crazy.

  14. This is extremely practical, why i can't even tell you how many times i've been shooting a video, and wanted to take a break to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee while talking on my cell phone, now my dream is possible!

  15. Rig of the year? maybe, until Emm starts the contest as RT suggested:)

    First glance of the largest pic, I thought it was a chopper without wheels!

  16. stanperry

    there no way you can show up to a gig and expect to get laid wearing something like that ... and it would have made more sense if dude was asian ... with that said ... if you fall in that thing who is going to help you up ... to wrap this post up ... im pretty sure the guy in the pic built the rig ...

  17. Looks fun...I dont know if I would ever try this out though. I mean, I wouldn't know where to begin. Hey Emm, maybe you should get a contest started to see who can come up with an even more ridiculous design. I think there's space for a coffee maker on the back.

  18. Scottrellwi

    I like the image of him taking a break. He's drinking with one hand and talking on his cell with the other.

    It also looks like the Predator with that camera perched on his shoulder.

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