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Konova has added a new Matte Box to their list of products. The dual stage Matte box with full Flags comes with two fully rotatable (360 degree) filter trays to support Grads or CPL filters. The Matte box mounts on 15mm standard rails and includes the highly sought after swing away arm for fast lens changes.

Description:* Made of high-grade ABS and heavy-duty aluminum * Precision Engineered design with robust Swing-Away design* 2 filter trays, supporting both 4x4 and 4x5.6" filter(rotating 360degrees)* Sunshade Material : ABS Plastic* Swing-away bracket & filter holders : Alluminum black anodized * French Flag & Side Flags : Alluminum texture coated

Konova has a pretty good reputation among the products they carry, and compared to the other matte boxes, the price is one of cheapest swing-away / dual stage rotating / rail mount matte boxes available right now. You can check out more following the link (click here).

find-price-button Konova Swing Away Dual Stage 15mm Matte Box


Just a quick over view of what to expect on this dslr matte box. This particular one is fairly well made with just a few quirks, but it's definitely a hundred times better than the cheap plastic one floating around. If you're really into the aesthetics of your rig, I suggest going for this. The FilmCity MatteBox is mostly metal including the flags, top sunshade, 15mm clamp, and donut ring. The hood itself is the only thing made from hard plastic.

The flags on the Mattebox will not fold up for storage, but it breaks down quickly to be packed away. The top flag will tend to get loose with constant positioning and would require the allen key to re-tighten. The side flags can easily be tightened by hand through the thumb screw. The single filter slides in an out with ease, and can be locked down quickly. It does not rotate so it's not something to be used with a CPL. The mattebox does not have a swing away design, so to make things simple, keep it at the end of your rail set. Yes it does require rails to mount. If you've got the money, I suggest going for the more expensive versions with a swing away design and the ability to rotate filters. One that some consider is by TrusMT found here: Trusmt DSLR MatteBox Carbon Fiber or Aluminum.

Considering the prices of current matteboxes, overall the FilmCity is one of the cheapest with decent quality build (again much better than the uber cheap plastic one). Can be found on eBay (click here).

find-price-button Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox with Full Flags


Even the cheapest ProAim mattebox runs you well over $280 (including shipping), so this new single filter MatteBox complete with side flags for half price + free shipping is a much better option than the recent cheap plastic version (found here) that holds NO filters.

The shallow hood looks like it can accommodate wide lens setups, but no information on if the filter can be rotated (for polarizers or grads). Not the best of the best, but I know some of you were excited about the $70 dollar version matte boxes for pure aesthetics, so I suggest you at least hold out and get something like this. Not only uses more metal in construction (except hood), it looks much better, and also serves a better purpose by holding a filter (like ND). New mattebox can be found on eBay (click here).

[Update] Prices starting to move upwards since this post. [Update again] Seems like they dropped pricing back down hearing complaints.

find-price-button Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox with Full Flags


If you haven't been keeping up, a few comments have already come in about the Polaroid Variable ND filters. Looks good, and at 1/3 price of relative Variable ND filters. Not every filter size is available, but the popular 72mm is back in stock. https://cheesycam.com/polaroid-new-variable-nd-filters/. Don't get this confused with a 'Circular Polarizer'. This is the 'Variable ND filter' which serves a different purpose in cutting out light. If you can't score the size you need through the Polaroid's, the Nature brand is still an excellent buy as well https://cheesycam.com/nature-fader-nd-variable-neutral-density-filters/

find-price-button Polaroid Variable Neutral Density Filters