New Lilliput 7″ 5D-II/O/P HDMI Monitor

Lilliput 7" LCD HMDI Monitor

A few significant differences between the high end LCD monitors and cheaper versions are the lack of False Color, Peaking and or Focus assist features. There's also resolution, pixel density, color, and exposure accuracy. Although it may not be the best, Lilliput's new 7" 5D-II/P monitor is throwing down some of these features normally reserved for only high end HDMI monitors. Aries writes in and shares a video showcasing the peaking feature. [Thanks Aries]

The focus assist feature shows bright red lines on areas that are sharper on screen basically showing you what's in focus. In the new Lilliput monitor you'll also find other options like a Brightness Histogram, Exposure Zebras, and False Color.

Lilliput Zebra Exposure
Lilliput 5D False Color LCD
Lilliput Focus Peaking Assist
Lilliput Brightness Histogram

Don't be confused with older Lilliput 5D-II/O lcd monitors, this version is listed with Peaking normally shown with a 'P' in the model information. There are a few different models to choose from and if it includes an 'O', that basically means it has HDMI output (pass through) available also. You can find more pretty pictures, and listed information following the link to the new Lilliput (click here).

find-price-button Latest Lilliput 7" LCD HDMI Monitor with False Color, Zebras, Focus Peaking, Histogram

36 thoughts on “New Lilliput 7″ 5D-II/O/P HDMI Monitor

  1. Ray

    Lilliput 5d-ii /O/P

    Add me to the list of "no signal"

    Monitor fires up but no cable, source will display and image.

    Was working fine for a few weeks. No response from seller... of course. Lilliput will not answer emails... of course.

    Does anyone actually honor the warranty or is just a marketing scam?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @raf - check your input setting (make sure it is HDMI), replace the cable, and also test with another camera. Start there and let us know if those are all tested.

  3. raf

    same think for me
    i used this monitor for a few hours in december.
    i started shooting a new project in febuary, i lost the signal after 2 days shooting and never got it back.
    what happens ? i can't find any informations on the seller on ebay. he seems to have disapeared.

    i wish i spent a bit more to get a real fully working monitor. very desapointed with the quality of this lilliput.

  4. Bobby

    Brian I just got the no signal issues you stated you had were you ever able to get signal back to the monitor?

  5. Brian

    I just got mine from ebay today - The monitor itself seems fairly solid but has a very slow start-up time - probably 10 seconds or so. Once it actually started it seemed to work okay using a guy at works 7D, unfortunately after playing around for 10 minutes or so it lost the signal from the 7D and never got it back again - despite restarting both, removing the battery and HDMI cable. Got it home and plugged it into my 7D - same thing, fine for 5 minutes then "no signal". Since then have tried it with my ps3 and my go pro and it's not receiving a signal from either - even using another HDMI cable. I'm guessing I just got a dud.

    Also one of the pins that holds one of the the side doors of the sunshade in place was broken before I got it out of the box.

    A disappointing day.

  6. BDM

    Hi John,

    Could you please repost link to YouTube video? Would like to checkout your issues with the Lilliput 5D-II/O/P.

    Thanks and cheers!

  7. Does anyone have clue if they plan on releasing a 5" version of this monitor? I love all the new features on this lilliput but I'm usually doing run & gun on my own and so 5" is a much more comfortable fit for me.

  8. thiago

    what happened to the zoom function of the previous version? I also wonder if the pixel by pixel function works like in the marshall monitors... anyone?

  9. Alexo

    Go into the user defined color temp and try setting 50 for red, 40 for green and 30 for blue. That *might* help.

  10. @Tony The Swivi can get accurate peaking on my D7000 at ISO 25,600, even through all the noise. I can probably make a vid to show you how well it picks things up, though I'll be using my crappy P&S to record the video of the Swivi. 😉

    @scottrellwi If you have both lenses set at the same aperture, there really shouldn't be a noticeable difference. If you shoot the prime wide open, then yeah, there will be a major difference, especially if you're close to the subject.

  11. scottrellwi

    Can anyone with experience tell me if the peaking is more dependent on the quality of your lens? I have noticed (on a 60D + magic lantern) my new 35mmf1.4 Rokinon works much better with the ML focus assist than my Tamron 18-270. Is this because of the larger aperture or the fact that it is a sharper lens?

  12. Tony

    @Chris - I wonder if the swivi or just about any peaking monitor would perform the same under the same test as that video since it was poorly lit with the really dark background around the hand.

  13. Tony

    @JP - you need a hyphen "-" inbetween personal and view in the .com address to go to that discussion thread.

  14. Chris Hackett

    Just bought the other 5dmk2 lilliput. Im pissed that I didnt wait out for this one. Good monitor though. Thankfully I have ML to do the peaking for me.

  15. Paolo

    It says it doesn't downscale once you hit record with the 5D. Anyone knows that for sure?
    I have a Marshall 5" and it has BW peaking I love it! So much easier to see the red lines on BW than on color.
    This monitor though is very appealing. Might have to switch if the reviews are good.

  16. Xiao

    Just ordered one but was sent the B/W peaking version(5D-II) because Lilliput said they were having a bug with the color peaking version and could not say when it would be resolved. Therefore I'm very surprised the color peaking version (5D-II/O/P) is sold with no information on it, even from sellers that are aware of this bug.

    I would at least ask the seller before ordering.

  17. Joel

    Kon + S Rice - Get the DP4. For app 200 bucks more, you will get a monitor that is upgrade ready, built like a tank, accurate peaking and false color, excellent customer service and will probably last forever.

    No brainer...

  18. S Rice

    Anybody compared this to the SmallHD DP4? I was all set to pull the trigger on that, but now this monitor, being slightly larger, with higher resolution, and cheaper, with most of the same features... any idea how they'd stack up against one another?

  19. Billybob

    I have this monitor as well and it is good. The only problem is that the outer cases is really cheap. If you drop it from even a foot up it will break. But it functions really well.

  20. Tony

    Does Magic Lantern peaking output to HDMI? I don't know the advantage of this monitor if you have ML installed.

  21. Alexo

    It should work without problems. I got mine from a retailer in Germany (EQUIPRENT) and it works without problemls on my GH2. Peaking works very good.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Viktor - Possibly they are supporting the down res of the 5D output. The 7D is the only camera that doesn't have issues with HDMI output in full 1080.

  23. Viktor

    Any chance that this would work on a 7D. I know it specifically lists as an 5D-II accessory, but what would maket it so specific?

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