CheesyCam DIY DSLR Cage / Stabilizer


Jeff Ello sent this photo in to share his build of the Cheesy DSLR Cage I posted about. It's a Behind the Scenes snapshot of a short flick titled 'Disorient'. Seen in this photo is the recent DIY DSLR Cage / Fig Rig / Stabilizer that was also featured on Jeff made some additional modifications with free swinging handles on the side. I've asked Jeff to send in more photos and information about his project and his rig. The strut channel works perfectly for mounting accessories such as the LCD monitor Jeff has in his image. Very cool! If you haven't checked out the DIY Cage, read my article here:

Now i'm not always very clear about my DIY builds, so Marcus V Warner & Brian created their version of the CheesyCam DIY DSLR Cage with alot more detail on the parts list. I'm calling this the LP version because they really get thorough on the build and it's about 20 minutes or so. So if you can't get through understanding my video, check out Vimeo user Vitaphone's below.

They even have a detailed parts list on their Video page at:

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