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Whoa! Someone put a 'focal reducer' in this @aputurephoto #DEC Adapter! Yup, this is what everyone has been asking about since it's announcement at #NABShow last year. An effective Wireless Follow Focus System for Canon EF lenses, built right into a single lens adapter, but now with a Focal Reducer (a.k.a Speedbooster)! If you haven't ...continue reading


So yesterday I spent a little time testing the Aputure DEC Remote Wireless Follow Focus Canon EF Lens Adapter. Keep in mind that all of the units that other reviewers have (including mine) are just prototypes. So everything that you see could change when they go to final production. As mentioned in my earlier article, ...continue reading


Last year NAB 2014 Aputure showed off an entirely new and innovative Wireless Remote Follow Focus system. It looks like a basic lens adapter to add a Canon EF (autofocus lens) to a Micro Four Thirds or Sony E-Mount camera, but this lens adapter has enough communication with the EF Lens that it can drive ...continue reading


When it comes to smart adapters for Canon EF lenses that allow you to adjust the iris, your selection is limited and pricey. Over at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, I stopped by the Aputure booth to look at a brand new concept Canon EF to mirrorless Lens adapter. This new DEC concept ...continue reading


Here's a video from YouTube member Kicapiproduction showcasing one of Wondlan's new Wireless Follow Focus System products. The new WFF is designed into a single unit that contains an 5" 1200x800 resolution HDMI monitor [thanks Kicap]. According to the details of the video, the wireless focus system is rated to have wireless range of up ...continue reading


I recently received two packages to test out from Senna a video equipment company based out of Croatia (website found here). One case includes their 'All Recall Focus' which is a Wireless Follow Focus system, and the second case carries their 'Five Second Head' which is a Motorized Pan / Tilt Head. Take a look ...continue reading


Finally got around to playing with the Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus V2 prototype. First time getting it working (somewhat). There's a procedure you need to do before throwing on something like this on your camera, so i'll need to run through the manual and get things ironed out. Each motor has a certain amount of ...continue reading


About a year ago I started testing out the Asus WiCast HD Streaming device to see if it can be used with DSLRs. When we visited NAB2011 in April this year (old video above), we found quite a few people using the Asus as a budget means to stream HD Video remotely. We had the ...continue reading