The video community is running wild with all types of samples from the new Magic Lantern hack that enables RAW output from the Canon 5D Mark III (and soon other cams). The guys over there are doing some amazing work, so make sure you stop by and donate to get this project moving faster. The ...continue reading


For you Magic Lantern junkies, here's a DIY video from Vimeo member Moritz Graeser on using the USB port to monitor audio from the camera. Of course if you're already using an external LCD monitor with a headphone jack, disregard. The instructions aren't super clear, but from a USB connector, you'll probably be using the ...continue reading


I get so many comments about Magic Lantern, and the lack of posts on here. I figured the whole world already knows about it and every DSLR blog is talking about it too, so why be redundant? Ok fine, here's one for you, so you can stop asking me to post something.Vimeo member Dave Knop ...continue reading


Magic Lantern, if you don't already know is a firmware type code that enhances features in your DSLR camera. There's only a few cameras supported at this time, and only so many features are 'unlocked' for each one. When it was first released, it caused quite a stir, but Canon has since updated their firmware ...continue reading


[Note: This is not another tutorial on simply using LightRoom. It's actually a much faster method that only uses Adobe Lightroom to create a custom Preset.] Let me start by saying, the best way to edit the CinemaDNG files from the BlackMagic Design cameras is to use Davinci. Of course these RAW files are nothing ...continue reading


I was just advised about NikonHacker.com, a forum for improving the qualities on limited Nikon DSLR cameras. I love the quality from Nikon, just couldn't get past some of the limited video features compared to other affordable DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras. So i'm excited to see what new features they will be able to 'unlock' from possibly ...continue reading


Over the years we've seen some amazing video from this camera, especially once it's 'unlocked' with the Magic Lantern firmware. Even if you're above and beyond the T2i as a video maker, it still makes for an awesome first time DSLR gift for budding photographers. Amazon sells this combo for over $600 (seen here), and ...continue reading