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What camera geek doesn't enjoy a fun novelty item? These little Fake Lens Table Drink Coasters protect the finish of your furniture, but stack together to replicate a Canon lens. Available in 3 different colors. Could be a fun gift idea for photographers. Product Description This seemingly innocuous replica of an 85mm lens is composed ...continue reading


Well I just posted about (and ordered) this mini lens cup styled like a Canon 24-105mm F/4L lens and it came in just 3 days. Very happy with the quality and the stainless steel insert. I purchased my set for under $14 dollars + FREE SHIPPING (2pc set), but they are also available in a ...continue reading


Most of you will just skip this post, but for Geeks like me that enjoy all things DSLR, here's a look at some of the current Canon Lens Replica Mugs / Cups. Needless to say, i've collected a few, and i've also given out a few as gifts. The one gift idea you know won't ...continue reading

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Oh yeah, i'm a Canon guy through and through, but I got a thing for toys. Just received the Nikon Telephoto Zoom Lens 24-70mm Stainless Steel mug and my friends are already drooling over it. It's quite nice, and gives me an idea for what some of these less fortunate Nikon shooting friends of mine ...continue reading

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Geek Post. If you follow this blog, you'll find that I collect lots of random Canon and Nikon Replica Lens Mugs. Some for myself and some I keep around for last minute gift ideas to other geek friends. I mainly use it as Pen Holders on my desk. Some of these Replica lens Mugs / ...continue reading


I blogged about the popular Canon 70-200mm Replica Lens Coffee Mugs that first showed up during the Winter Olympics 'With Stainless Steel Insert', and then in short time a non-OEM Canon 24-105mm replica lens cup turned up which was ok, but didn't have a stainless steel insert for real coffee use. Soon after a replica ...continue reading

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Canon at one point sold these little 300mm/400mm Image Stabilized Lens Replica Keychain LED Flashlights which quickly sold out. I managed to track one down for my random collection. The Flashlight is only about 2" long and 1" wide with a single LED bulb. There are no on/off buttons to manage the flashlight. To turn ...continue reading


If you're not up to speed, I seem to collect random camera related things, especially Lens Replica Mugs. They are fairly cheap and trust me, they make 'EXCELLENT last minute gifts' if you have them laying around. It's just something nobody wants to throw away. For those who share the same hobby, here's a look ...continue reading