It's quickly coming around 2 years since the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera was announced at NAB 2013, but with the recent firmware upgrades and lack of competition for a pocketable camera that is capable of RAW video for under $1K, it's still a very popular choice. Better late than never, Kamerar has finally decided to ...continue reading


Although there were many new cameras showcased at NAB 2014, I still think the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera stands strong capable of shooting RAW video direct to SD Cards for under $1K. A camera I feel i'll still be working with quite a bit this year. It was especially great to see Redrock Micro alleviate ...continue reading


If you didn't catch the newsletter announcement, the Kamerar MagView LCD ViewFinder has been released in three different sizes. The new Magview attaches to a metal frame that adheres to the back of your camera's LCD. You can separate the body to be used as a sunhood, and the MagView also offers a 2.5x diopter. ...continue reading


If you didn't catch the newsletter, the PNC VF-4 LCD ViewFinder and the VF-4 Extension Bracket Bundle is currently on sale for just $99.99 / $109.99. I believe this is the lowest price it has been since it was introduced a few months ago. For more information about the PNC VF-4 LCD ViewFinder, check out ...continue reading


For about $65 dollars, one would think that the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder would be using a very cheap optical element. Seeing how sharp the screen looked through the loupe, I inquired if it was real glass. They stated that it was indeed glass and not your average cheap resin (plastic) element found on ...continue reading


If you're not familiar with the VF-4, above is a short video review of the Carry Speed VF-4 LCD Video ViewFinder from YouTube member Blunty3000. Here's another video of the VF-4 in use as part of a mini-rig setup on a GH3 camera from Johnny Gadget Films. [Note: the VF-4 is not designed to work ...continue reading


Varavon's new Multi Finder 'Uni' is an upgraded version of the original Varavon Pro Finder LCD ViewFinder. The universal ability is achieved by an adjustment plate that allows multi-axis adjustments to align with most DSLR cameras on the market with a 3.2"-3.5" LCD such as the 5D Mark III, D800, Nikon D4, and more. Varavon ...continue reading


Finally had time to add the Lexerd LCD screen protector on the Sony NEX-7. The Lexerd is a thin film screen protector, much like you would use on your iPhone. Easy to apply, comes with all the right tools. There are other hard plastic screen protectors, but some may introduce more glare. The thin film ...continue reading