Zhiyun Upgraded Z1 Evolution Handheld Gopro Gimbal

If you're not familiar with the Zhiyun Z1 GoPro Gimbals, you can take a look at some previous articles here and here. The New Z1 Evolution GoPro Gimbal is pretty much the same gimbal with the same performance, but they've added a few changes to improve over previous models.

One upgrade is the new bracket design that requires only one set of screws regardless if you have the Gopro Bac-Pac or extra battery mounted or not. The second addition is a 1/4" threaded mount under the handle. This makes it easier to mount to a variety of extension poles, monopods, suction cup car mounts, etc. They've also added an AV output for Xiaomi yi action cameras so you can use an external monitor.

z1 gimbal evolution

Z1 Evolution Features:
Power switch on the side of handle.
GoPro chargeable directly from gimbal power
7-12 hours of extended battery life
Optional external Remote Control
1/4inch screw port on the bottom.
Smart design allows mounting camera and back-pac without changing screws.
Adapt to Xiaomi yi camera. Support for Xiaomi yi camera’s AV output.
Four-way joystick,adjust the angle at will.
Special 3.5mm headphone jack to output AV signal for external monitor screen

- Heading Following Mode - Pitch and roll locking, smooth heading rotation that follows the direction of the gimbal handle.
- Heading and Pitch Following Mode - Roll locking , smooth heading and pitch rotation that follows the direction of the gimbal handle.
- Locking Mode - Heading, pitch, and roll locking.

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution GoPro Gimbalz1 evolution gopro gimbal
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6 thoughts on “Zhiyun Upgraded Z1 Evolution Handheld Gopro Gimbal

  1. Mark

    Hey Emm got this unit the other day and tried to put some 18650 batteries i had that came with a flashlight, thrunite brand, and they did not fit. The thrunite are a bit longer and any other one i looked into buying are the same size. Do you know or can recommend any batteries that will work for this unit i can buy via Amazon?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @patrick - If you like mounting your gopro to places, the Rider is more versatile for that. If you like just walking with your GoPro on a stick, the Evolution may be better for that.

  3. patrick

    I see they have this one and the rider 2,
    what have you ended up likeing better the rider or fixed one?

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