Zeiss 12mm 32mm F/1.8 Lenses Fuji and Sony E Mount

Zeiss has recently introduced two new prime lenses. The Zeiss Touit lenses are available in 12mm F/2.8 and 32mm with F/1.8 complete with Auto Focus support on cameras such as the Fuji's X Mount and Sony E Mount (NEX) cameras. Pricing starts at $900-$1250 US (found here).

New Zeiss Sony E MountNew Zeiss Touit 32mm 1.8
find-price-button Zeiss Touit 12mm F/2.8 and 32mm F/1.8 Sony E Fuji X Mount Prime Lenses

If you're looking for more affordable Prime Lenses for Sony E Mount cameras with Auto Focus, don't forget about the Sigma options. Sigma offers 19mm, 30mm, and 60mm prime lenses with max apertures of F/2.8 for the NEX camera system. No kidding when I say more affordable, in fact you can still get a bundle deal for both a 19mm and 30mm F/2.8 lens for just $199 (here)
Sigma 19mm NEXSigma 30mm NEXSigma 60mm NEX
find-price-button Sigma 19mm 30mm 60mm F/2.8 Prime Lenses for Sony NEX


3 thoughts on “Zeiss 12mm 32mm F/1.8 Lenses Fuji and Sony E Mount

  1. john

    I somewhat regret the fact that I invested in a bunch of Rokinon E-Mount glass for my FS700. I feel like there's a low likelihood that whatever my next cam will be is going to be E-Mount, and be forced to hope for an adapter solution. Also, no Metabones speedbooster goodness for me 🙁

  2. Sabunyuma

    I have the 19mm Sigma for E-mount (the older one available in the bundle). The quality is about what you'd expect for $100. Sharpness and color reproduction leave something to be desired. Still a good value though.

    The new Zeiss 32mm looks really interesting.

  3. pretty amazed by the prices of the sigma primes, why they wouldn't make these for canon EFs at the same price?

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