Zacuto HDMI Lock – Pincher

If you live and die through HDMI, then you might have heard a few stories (maybe experienced it yourself) about HDMI damage on your DSLR. This little achilles heel in DSLR workflow when using LCD monitors or EVF solutions can cost you big repair bills. Zacuto introduces a new HDMI lock (requires a zacuto plate to mount) called the Pincher. Not the cheapest solution, but it's almost the only one out there. Found at the Zacuto website, or a few dollars cheaper at B&H.

zacuto hdmi lock pincher
find-price-button Zactuo HDMI Lock - Pincher

Or as some others have pointed out in the comments, the new TrusMT DSLR cage has HDMI locking options found here.

find-price-button TrusMT DSLR Cage Ultimate with HDMI Locking


54 thoughts on “Zacuto HDMI Lock – Pincher

  1. Tom

    1. Not all Zacuto makes is great.
    The EVF comes with a battery charger that is the worst I`ve ever seen. It`s simply crap. At a price of approx. 850€ in Germany this is not acceptable.

    2. Don`t treat us like children by telling us how reasonable your prices are. It`s so American. Your products are good. But if you continue to offer them at such ridiculous prices, your company will go downhill sooner or later.

  2. It is a funny argument really. I felt the same about Zacuto prices when I first started out - I didn't have the cash to buy the bits of kit that looked the best/most reliable. So I bought Asia-tastic imports to do a job that needed to be done. Now, earning my living full time as camera/steadicam op if ever I need a DSLR support product Zacuto is the only option for me. (Occasionally Redrock :( , but normally Zacuto...)

    If you use the cheapo import stuff intensely every day, you'll quickly see why there's a price discrepancy. Zacuto can take a battering. Can take salt-water abuse. Can take being dropped down a flight of stairs (the camera doesn't fare so well tho...thank god for production insurance).

    Obviously this is only my opinion, but for newbies, go ahead - buy the cheaper stuff. You can afford it & it WILL do the job, but for a limited time. Then, when you are earning a living by this job, get Zacuto. Or at least a quality assured product by a reputable company. If you do it every day you need to rely on your grip - there's not time to replace bits when they go wrong. And if they do go wrong you don't want to have to pay again to resolve the issue.

    p.s. I'm talking exclusively about DSLR work...I've not used Zacuto products with bigger cameras so can't comment on that side of things - as Steve says this product is designed specifically for DSLR's.

    If I get one of these 'pinchers' I'll let you know when it fails - expect to hear from me around 2030!

  3. Joe Mahma

    Great product, but wholly unnecessary if you follow the standard, age old practice of strain relief of the cable. I've never had to replace a firewire jack or an HDMI jack.

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