Weird 60p HDMI Output on Sony A7sII and Sony A7rII to BlackMagic Video Assist Recorder Monitor

Someone commented earlier about a problem with the BlackMagic Video Assist Recorder/Monitor stuck capturing only 1080/60p. This is actually a problem I ran into a while ago even on the Atomos Shogun, so the problem is not with the BMVD, it's with the Sony A7RII and Sony A7sII.

Even if you set your HDMI output to 1080/24, it will only output 60p 'if' you have your camera recording set to 4K/24. In order to fix (more like workaround) this issue, you have to change your camera recording to 1080/24, and then your HDMI will output properly.

It's annoying, but not a big deal if you know how to work around the issue. So I just wanted to clarify that the issue is not with the BlackMagic Video Assist Monitor.

The monitor has been great over the last few days, and i'm excited to use it more but my SDXC cards aren't fast enough. I'm getting dropped frames when recording 60p footage. Anyone have suggestions on what you're using for 60p footage?

blackmagic video assist monitor
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56 thoughts on “Weird 60p HDMI Output on Sony A7sII and Sony A7rII to BlackMagic Video Assist Recorder Monitor

  1. Alberto

    Still bugged for PAL users.

    In NTSC the trick 4K to 1080 to get the 24fps works. It doesn't work from 4K 25p to 1080 25p. It is still stuck at 1080 50p.

    I also tried a camera reset. Any idea how to fix this???

    Thank you

  2. Kiedamackem1

    Does this mean that I won't be able to record 1080 @60p in the BM video assist whilst recording 4K internally on my a7rii? It's a deal breaker for me - I literally almost purchased one until I saw this. Looks like I'll be going with the ninja blade. If anyone could confirm that would be appreciated.

  3. ERON

    I was hoping the above video would solve my problems, but alas. I have an A7Rii and want to shoot 1080 25p (not 4k, not 24p, not 100 fps - yet) just plain old 25p at 1920 - 1080. I tried setting (file format) to XAVC S HD, then under RECORD SETTING 25p - then under HDMI settings HDMI RESOLUTION 1080p. First up, the SHOGUN FLAME displays 4KUHDp25, then if I randomly scroll through the A7Rii menus the INPUT on the shogun will switch to 1080p 50p not 25p!!!. It's all very bizarre I truly hope someone had a real solution / workaround. ATOMOS, who I called squarely blame SONY... Of course. Thanks!

  4. @alan yuen - What size card are you using? If you read carefully on some cards, the READ speeds are all the same, but depending on the size card, the WRITE speeds are faster with larger cards. I had to buy different cards as a 32GB doesn't write as fast as a 64GB, and a 64GB may not write as fast as a 128GB. I learned this lesson the hard way. Sometimes you have to dive into the product details because all they advertise is READ speeds, but it's the write speeds that can be different with different size cards. Which card are you using exactly, and where did you buy the card from? Sometimes if you buy online and not from a reputable seller, there are a million counterfeits out there.

  5. alan yuen

    i did format, no help. i only run pc so i cant use hfs...... how can they make a recorder that no card can support the highest codec?

  6. alan yuen

    is hfs only for mac? i run windows... formatted in recorder and still getting dropped frames.... how can they not have a card handle their highest codec??

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