Video Mod – Portable Carbon Fiber Monopod with Swiveling Tripod Foot

I finally decided to modify one of my portable Carbon Fiber Monopods. I specifically chose this Rokinon Carbon Fiber Monopod because it carries a max load of 22 lbs, collapses down to a mere 18", yet can extend to a max height of 65". Not to mention it was just $39 + Free Shipping at the time so I purchased 3 of them. Sorry you missed the deal as it's back up to $70.

Rokinon Carbon Fiber Monopod
find-price-button Rokinon 65" Carbon Fiber Monopod with Carrying Case

I don't recommend this setup if you like to work with heavy gear, but for me this ultra light monopod combined with a swiveling tripod foot should work great when i'm working event coverage with the small and lightweight Panasonic GH3 + 12-35mm F/2.8 OIS lens.

TPD-2_square_largeMogopod Tripod foot

Here it is finished off with a small Benro Video Fluid Head. The whole system breaks down into three pieces at just 18". Stable, lightweight, and easy to pack.


12 thoughts on “Video Mod – Portable Carbon Fiber Monopod with Swiveling Tripod Foot

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Apple - I've been using it for two days of all day event coverage now, and so far it rocks. Very easy to tote around and fold up when not in use.

  2. Mike D

    Be careful about buying that Rokinon monopod from ebay seller Bestpriceoptics. I purchased the $39 deal back when Emm first published it on the Cheesycam blog. I was overseas and had someone bring the package over with them who was visiting. It turned out they sent the wrong item: a crappy plastic tripod. I informed the seller of their mistake. They replied saying that they were sending out the correct item in the next couple days. I waited for the item to arrive to my address back in the US. The item never came, and I informed them of it. No replies. I continued messaging them and never got a response again.

    Buyer beware...

  3. Apple

    Could I put this on my Benro S4 monopod? I hate having to tighten and loosen the base up with an allen wrench on my benro. Does the mogopod base have any audio creaking issues like the benro when you move the monopod around? I have to loosen the base, test, loosen more, test, loosen more...gets old after a while when transitioning the monopod from a stable shot to slider like shots.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - I think you're referring to the older Mogopod. This is the MarkIII version with a totally different tripod foot also. I just added a few photos to the article so you can see my setup.

  5. Rob S.

    Hey! They actually fixed it. When it first came out I emailed to ask if it could fold up while mounted on the Mogopod and they said no.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Metabolics - The monopod (unmoved) works great to support a 5DMark III. The MogoPod foot when used with the real Mogopod will work with the 5D Mark III.

    This modification was for my lightweight setup, but I'm taking this out to cover CES 2014 this entire week. I'll report back to see how well I can abuse it.

  7. Rob S.

    Love these DIY posts that really made Cheesycam what it is today. Do you still use your Velbon Ultrastick or has this replaced it? I'm still using mine. Do the legs fold up on this with the assembly mounted? I know that it doesn't on the Mogopod which seems like an oversight on their part.

  8. Hi Emm - would you recommend this monopod rig for use with a 5DmkIII and some Zeiss lenses (21-35-50)? Or is that pushing the weight a bit too much? I don't see a maximum weight that this Carry Speed foot can take. Thanks for the info.

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