(Note Video Error: I kept saying the arm mounts dead center in the ‘Chest’ What I meant was in the Stomach area.)

In this video i’m referencing the Varizoom DV Sportster Vest for some Steadicams, Flycams, and Glidecams. It’s a cheap vest, and have heard slightly negative feedbacks about this particular item. Part of the fun in finding useful affordable tools is to get hands on and see what the true limitations are. Since there wasn’t much information on the web about this product, I thought I would at least be a reference point for others who might be searching for information on this. I know, I know, I gave it a shot, but it’s ok to leave comments saying ‘Emm – I Told You So. What were you thinking? Why didn’t you listen to us all….”

The problem isn’t the build quality. It’s very light weight and sturdy. The arm feels plenty strong to carry the Glidecam HD1000 DSLR Stabilizer that I did a video about. The problems I had with the vest was the ergonomics. Everything just felt like it was in the wrong place. Just after a few minutes of wearing it, I felt like grabbing some steel and fixing the design with my own. Just by relocating the arm to the side instead of dead center would have already been a huge improvement. A simple steel plate is all that it would take to get that situated. The back support is just straps, so it doesn’t provide good relief from the weight. Everything just loads up on the back of your neck. So, it’s lightweight, strong, fairly priced, but needs redesign in the Ergo department. Hey Varizoom..if you ever want guys like me to test and suggest for product design…Holla!

By the way – You can catch a bit of the studio i’ve been working on. Thanks to some local Photographer friends, they all pitched in to (literally) scrub the floors, lay down epoxy, tile the bathroom, change out the toilet, and move in some gear, but it’s still a long way to go. Just brought in some couches and chairs, and there’s still a whole lot of equipment not yet there. I can only pass by for an hour before I head home, and all my weekends have been booked with camera work. Someday this thing will have it’s use….

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