Varavon Sneak Peek New Atomos Shogun Cage and Sony A7s Cage

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of new products from Varavon set to be released soon. We're looking at a brand new Cage system for the Atomos Shogun and a new cage system for the popular Sony A7s.

Varavon Atomos Shogun Cage
Varavon Shogun Cage Bracket Atomos

Looking at the Sony A7s cage, it may be machined from a single block of aluminum which is a more complicated process to manufacture. I wouldn't be surprised though as one of the stand out features of Varavon cage products is that most Varavon Cage products are often machined from one massive block.

Varavon Sony A7s Came Pro
New Sony A7s Cage from Varavon
Sony A7s cage Varavon

As you know, the Sony A7s can have extended capabilities when used with the Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder, so this is a great combination of products set to be released. For more information about these products when they are released, check out the Varavon website

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