The Gini Rig Arrives from Korea

If you've been looking for DSLR rigs, i'm sure you've heard about the Korean DSLR Rig manufacturer Gini. The photo gallery (above) has two pages, so click the #2 to see more images. If you haven't heard of the DSLR Rig manufacturer from Korea, you can find all the available products here: Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

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I'm about to write an article about a piece of DSLR gear that will sound like it belongs in a Playboy magazine. All the information out there on the web say the Korean DSLR rig manufacturer is just as good as the other guys sporting a Red and Black theme. I'm here to tell you that's all true. Sure the prices aren't dirt cheap, but the quality is outstanding, and keep reading to find out why i'm writing this. I'm sitting here with a huge package of clamps, rods, mounts, handles, and other odd shaped pieces of machined aluminum. Every single piece is carefully detailed, with high quality anodized coloring, and an outstanding flat brushed like finish. If you've ever dealt with manufacturing parts, you'd probably see this more as a fine work of art, than just pieces of equipment. The handles are as large as my hands with a smooth contoured finish that makes it easy and comfortable to grasp. There's nothing cheap on this rig, right down to the tiny bolts.

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Sure, these rigs are nothing new and the seller has been out there for years. So why am I talking about this, and why am I currently infatuated with this new rig? I got it for a steal, and I mean literally a steal. I do eBay all the time, but this is the first time i've won an auction for something I thought I wouldn't receive. DSLR Rig sales on eBay have slowed down alot. The market is definitely saturated and everyone is finding new ways to build up custom rigs. Fortunately the seller Gini continues to market solely through eBay with a combination of 'Buy it Now', 'Best Offer', and 'Auction' type listings. There's a slew of different rigs being sold at different prices. I started by throwing in extremely cheap 'Best Offers' at a few different rigs. I was obviously denied, and fairly quickly I might add. Next I moved on to the actual Auctions listings where you throw in a bid, and surprisingly there's no reserve. I went straight for the big $1500 dollar package that offered so many different pieces. There's no denying a bid like the 'Best Offer' listings. Once the bid is in, it's in. The only way to get out of the sale is to be outbid. A few hours later, holy crap, I won the auction.

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No communication came in about my payment being received, or any shipping information. Since it's an over seas sale, I decided to give him some time. 10 days after I won the auction, here I am talking about it. There's plenty of options for DSLR rigs, but not many of them offer 'Best Offer' and bid type 'Auctions'. If you've already got a budget set aside for a rig you're saving up for, you might want to throw in a few bids or leave some Best Offers with Gini. You never know what you can end up with, and for what price. I'm not going to talk about what I received my package for, but if you're an avid eBayer, it's an easy look up through the 'Completed Listings' advanced search option. You can easily see what rigs have sold, for what prices, and what offers were accepted. There's no doubt that I got lucky on this auction, but i'm glad Gini stood behind the auction and honored the sale. The item shipped fast, and also included a package labeled 'Gift' with a bunch of extra rods. (shown in the photos).

If you're looking to take a chance, and get lucky, click on any of the images in this article, or check out the new listings for these luxurious DSLR rigs: Click here for Pricing on Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

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105 thoughts on “The Gini Rig Arrives from Korea

  1. Constantin

    I ordered a extreme 17 rig from gini rig worldwide and i have to say, that this is the best thing you can get for that cheap! its really solid, looks nice, and well ajustable!
    maybe i will upload some footage soon 😉

  2. dphotos

    I ordered a Gini Rig on Ebay and it has been two weeks and still no rig. I sent countless E-mails before someone answered and they that it would be sent. I had paid through Paypal. I just hope I get my rig. I strongly believe a company should have a set fair price for a product. I ended up paying around for 400 with shipping to the United States for their top of the line rig with follow focus and a rear counter weight. When I see the same rig at the buy it now price at the 1500.00 range I believe the company looses it reputation when then bounce the price around like that plus the company needs to communicate with the customer about their orders. I just hope I will get my rig soon and I will be happy with it.

  3. billyboy

    I just received my Extreme 17 Rig with FF and Weight, a week after the auction ended! I'm making the transition (expansion, really) from being a stills pro to being able to offer some light video services. When I was just getting started years back, I bought some dubious Chinese gear because it was the right price (read:cheap). The stuff has long broken, failed and died, but you knew that it would just looking at it. This Gini Rig is 180 degrees the opposite. The FF alone was worth more than what I paid for the entire rig! The fit and finish is spectacular and everything is beautifully machined. I couldn't be more excited to put this stuff to work.

  4. Is anyone selling some Gini pieces? :)
    I just got my rig yesterday, but would love few more scewable 15mm rods :) For weights and to extend the front ones for Barn dors perhaps.

    mail me at damirkaran AT gmail if you have some for sale and would like to ship it to Serbia or Austria.

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