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Super Clamp with Zoom H4n

The Zoom H4n is a great audio recorder and much cleaner floor noise than the H1. Whenever possible (which means when i'm not lazy) I try to break it out as the primary sound recording device. One problem is finding a place to put it. I usually move the microphone off camera and out of frame and run a long microphone cable to the Zoom H4n when doing interviews. With the Zoom H4n close to me, I can monitor sound and adjust levels.

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Super Clamp with Zoom H4n on LightStand

Something I like to carry with me are good accessory clamps. Having good versatile accessory clamps can help you mount much more than audio recorders. One trick I used in Vegas (no tripods allowed and super crowded) was to mount my DSLR camera to a small monopod, Rode VideoMic on top, and then clamp the Zoom H4n onto the Monopod. With the standard 1/4 x 20 thread you can even mount a small Ball Head for some tilt action.

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Clamped to Shoulder Rig

These clamps can mount anything from small cameras, flashes, LED video lights, microphones, and more. I'm using something like the 'Super Clamp' which is fairly large and costs quite a bit of money and is overkill for such light accessories. For a smaller clamp you can opt for the Manfrotto 'Nano Clamps', but those also will run you around $30-$40 dollars.

Nano clamp

So (below) i've come across these cheap clamps normally used in Photography. It's an all metal construction with a wide clamp area. The V design helps clamps to round poles without slippage, but can be mounted to even flat surfaces. Table tops, chair legs, standing lamps, bike handlebars, you name it it might be possible. With minimal effort you can competely replace the Light Stand adapter with a Tripod Ball head, making it a smaller form factor with more flexibility. Through a retailer, they'll run you a good amount mainly because they are stamped with the scarlet letter word Photography, but at least online they aren't too shabby and can help clamp up a good amount of gear to just about anything.

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