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DIYPhotgraphy.net has a really cool article about using a Padded Bass Case to pack up your light stands. These are long very well padded cases that can hold a few light stands as well as other small items. They have straps and some can be worn with a sling or back pack style. These padded Bass guitar travel cases some around $20 dollars or really really padded high quality for about $80 dollars and up to 47" inches long (That's still cheaper than Photography labeled bags). Most 10' foot light stands can collapse to about 39" inches so you'd have room to spare. These long padded travel bags should be good with other long items you might be traveling with like Monopods and Tripods too, and also makes you look like a Rock Star....(or traveling Guitar Hero geek)..

find-price-button Padded Bass Guitar Cases

Also some nice non-shaped ones available via eBay:

find-price-button Padded Base Guitar Cases via eBay