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HDSLRNow.com wanted to share this review on this Sirui portable Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod + G10 Ball Head that can fold down to just 15" inches, but can extend to over 51" inches. 15" can just about fit in a decent backpack and would be great for keeping a still camera steady for photos. This setup is not something you would use for fluid video movements, but it's possible to lock off a shot with this if you're just doing a static video angle.

I've heard of the brand Sirui before, but i'm personally not familiar with this exact model Tripod + G10 Ball Head. It seems like a pretty decent unit and popular system that one seller has already sold 79 units of even at a price of $270+. Here's the link to the exact product via eBay (Click Here)

Sirui Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod G10 Ball Head
find-price-button Sirui Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with G10 Ball Head