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Announced earlier this morning via their newsletter. Here's a handy little tool that can offer flexible mounting solutions on your DSLR Video Cages / Rigs. The Kamerar Pico Plate is a small accessory mount that clamps to any standard 15mm rail. Think of it as a tiny cheese plate with 1/4" threaded holes.

find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp

With a single plate mounted above the Honu Cage, i'm able to add a basic set of 15mm handles to my cage. The horizontal 15mm rail also opens up more options for mounting additional accessories.

Cheesycam Pico Plate Honu Cage Handles GH4 Video

By using two Kamerar Pico Plates in combination with a 15mm rail, you can attach one to any DSLR Video Cage and create a simple yet solid tilting accessory mount. Available in a single unit or combo (2 pcs + 15mm rail) following the jump (click here).

Kamerar Pico PlatePico Plate PNCGear Accessory Mount
find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp



Clamps are handy little pieces of gear every shooter should have available in their kit. The images may not be the exact same clamps shown in this article, but it's a good reference of how i've used clamps in the past to mount accessories such as the Zoom H4n.

clamps (1 of 2)clamps (1 of 2)-2clamps (2 of 2)

Here's a couple of different little clamps to mount your 1/4-20 accessories to a tripod leg, or maybe even a light stand. The first clamp (below) is a recent product which opens to 4cm, is of metal construction, and offers a 1/4-20 male threaded mount which can be used to mount your accessories directly. Starts under $8 dollars/each via eBay (Found Here).

Mini Nano Clamp RodGoPro Camera Rail Clamp
find-price-button Super Mini Tripod Clamp

This next clamp has been around for a while, one of my favorites, and it's something that I use in combination of a short Friction Arm. The clamp offers a 1/4-20 thread and 3/8" thread. Since you'll need to add an additional friction arm, this is the more expensive solution to clamping your accessories. Starts around $9 dollars/each via eBay (Click Here)

Adjustable Mini Camera ClampMini Rail Rod ClampMini Super Camera Clamp Tripod LightStand
find-price-button Super Mini Clamp with 1/4-20 & 3/8" Thread Clamp

Here's another Mini C Clamp that works equally well with round rods (a.k.a tripod leg/light stand) as well as with flat surfaces like a table. It offers a 5/8" lightstand mount and a 1/4-20 threaded tip. With a bit of modding, you can remove the lightstand adapter and drill a new hole to mount a ball head for more flexibility. This C Clamp runs about $7.50 US/each via eBay (Click Here)

Mini C Clamp RodC Clamp Camera Light StandLight Stand Clamp
find-price-button Mini 1/4-20 Threaded 5/8 Light Stand C Clamp