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Do you have a pile of rechargeable batteries? As simple as this tip is, I find it incredibly useful for managing my rechargeable batteries. One problem I have is 'how to quickly determine' the amount of charge is left on a pile of batteries I have thrown together. Normally before I work on a project, I find myself just throwing them on the chargers overnight. This is a waste of time, wasted energy, and also uses up the cycles on your batteries. By organizing them in cases, and adding a quick sheet of two sided colored paper, now I'm feeling a lot more organized and can manage my batteries better.

These rechargeable batteries I have should hold an 85% charge even after sitting on the shelf for one full year. Now once they are charged up, I can place them on the shelf and pick them out as needed. When we're out in the field, it's easy to determine which is charged and which needs to be charged when we return. If you want to add a piece of colored paper to , you can just cut an index card and use colored markers.

These AA / AAA / 9V Battery cases were provide courtesy of AspenMics.com (found here).

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