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Alright this post is a little weird. A tip from Cheesycam reader 'Tony', pointed me out to this EXACT replica of the original LCDVF now available on eBay. I mean dead on exact, and LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE! Looks like some of those plans leaked out, and now a company in Poland is manufacturing these on their own. Wait wait wait!!! Isn't the original LCDVF from Poland and the guy who makes the LCDVF go by the name Tony too?? Don't quote me on all this, but I have a feeling it's really the LCDVF coming out of the same manufacturing plant.

Yeah i'm not sure where this is all going just yet, but this "replica" of the LCDVF is going for a ridiculously cheap price + FREE Shipping for any LCD Viewfinder, so i'm not here to complain. Everything about this unit seems to match the original. Even the 2x magnification. All of the auctions appear to be no less than 5 days old from the same seller (in Poland). From what I can tell about 17 of them have already sold in the last 5 days so it's picking up a bit of steam. The seller has an awesome reputation on sales, so maybe we're just all getting hooked up with some super cheap prices on what could be the original LCDVF?? If anyone grabs one, let us know how that turns out. Check out this LCD Viewfinder that looks like an exact replica of the LCDVF.

The kit comes with:

  • viewfinder with an eye cup and magnifying lensĀ 
  • 2x magnetic mounting bracket
  • microfiber cloth to keep your lens clean
  • mini-strap
  • neoprene casing with a snap hook

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