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Not impressed by the Nikon D4 just yet? Vimeo member Dan Chung from DSLRNewsShooter throws up a video showcasing more of what to expect on the recently announced Nikon D4 camera. With tons more video features than the Canon 1Dx and a lower estimated price point, Nikon has really stepped up it's game. Unless Canon has some new surprise for us with a 5D Mark III anytime soon, the Nikon D4 is a camera I could really go for.

Some people will question what the quality of HDMI output is going to be, but just being able to capture through the HDMI port to something like the Atomos Ninja, bypassing the 29 minute recording issue, and saving in a compressed format that is native to FCP (no batch conversion), is a huge time saving advantage when using DSLRs for event coverage. That's worth money already to many.

After all of this information, there's no doubt the camera will be sold out on release next month. A few retailers have already listed product specs, but the only spot I know which pre-orders are available right now is via Adorama (click here).

find-price-button Nikon D4 Pre-Order via Adorama