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Kamerar is probably best known for offering affordable products, and just last week they recently announced a new affordable 'Mark II' version of their line of video sliders. At first glance the new Mark II sliders appear the same, but the difference is a change on the sliding camera platform. The original Kamerar sliders used a 'dry bearing' similar to an IGUS rail that literally slides on the railing.

Kamerar Slider Dry Bearing
Original Kamerar Slider Dry Bearing

The new Kamerar Mark II Sliders now have 4 Full Roller Bearings that roll across the redesigned track.

Kamerar Mark II Slider Roller Bearing
Kamerar Mark II Slider with Full Roller Bearings

The bearings are smooth enough that you can tilt the slider and allow it to drift over to the opposite end (as seen in the video below). Another added feature is a pulley wheel has been installed on each end allowing you to tether a counterweight that offers smooth control during vertical slides.

The new Kamerar Mark II Video Sliders are found in three different versions starting at $145.00 and up over at http://PNCGear.com (click here).

Kamerar Mark II Video Sliders
find-price-button Kamerar Mark II Full Roller Bearing Video Sliders



Someone had a question about whether a Canon 5D with 24-105mm F/4L lens would work with the Kamerar 23" Slider Dolly SD-1. So I decided to put up a video example of that Camera+Lens combo on the slider. Quality of the slider is well made and well priced for what it can provide to the budget filmmaker. When used as a dolly, the axles can be relocated for a tighter turning radius.


When used as a standard slider, the axles can be removed completely to get the full run of the slider length. A quick release plate can be added in the center of the slider for tripod mounting and still not obstruct the carrier from sliding side to side. If you're looking for a longer slider, Kamerar offers a 47" version of this slider + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. You can find more information about the new Kamerar slider products via the website (Click Here).

find-price-button Kamerar Video Camera Slider SD-1