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Thanks to a tip from Jarrod, here's a look at a very inexpensive DSLR Follow focus with universal lens gear. The R.J. Follow Focus states that it's made mostly out of Aluminum with a reversible gear to be used both left and right handed. There's a large marking disc area and standard knob to accept an external 'whip' if you decide to get one in the future. The gear sits low, so if you're using a small lens and a battery grip, you may have some trouble getting the FF to mate to the lens gear. The last question would be how much 'play' the follow focus has in the gear box, but at this price it can't be all bad.

Screen shot 2011-06-05 at 9.08.17 PMScreen shot 2011-06-05 at 9.08.26 PM
find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus with Lens Gear

Like most follow focus systems, this one will require a set of 15mm rods to mount. If you don't have a set you're best bet is to take advantage of those Gini auctions. What you're looking for is a rig that has at least the DSLR base mount and two rails.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 5.33.23 PM
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rig Stabilizer Kits



Just posted another pair of expensive items online, starting at just .99 cents. This is a pair of sexy Gini DSLR rig handles - Black w/ Red accents. If you know Gini Rigs, these parts are not easily available seperately. I have small hands and have been comfortable with the Express35 HD Handles. These Gini's have been sitting around for a while. Time to go.

More .99 cent auctions to come so stay tuned. If you haven't looked into the other auctions you can find them here: http://cheesycam.com/cheesycam-99-cent-auctions/

Gini-Handles (1 of 2)
find-price-button Two Gini DSLR Rig Long Handles w/ Two 90 Degree Rod Clamps - Black w/ Red

[Update] Another .99 cent auction posted up. This time it's for the hard to find 4 pcs. Gini DSLR Cage Clamps. These are very cool, and first seen with RedRock Micro's Cinema Bundle. I can't seem to find them on their site anymore. Very cool special clamps to position rods off to the side or even above as seen in my post http://cheesycam.com/the-gini-rig-arrives-from-korea/

Gini-Mount (1 of 1)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Cage Rod Clamps Blac w/ Red accents

Just posted the Ikan Friction Follow Focus sytem. This is just the FF with the base shown in the image. You can find more information here where it is shown with optional equipment: Ikan Friction Follow Focus

ikan-f3-friction-focus (1 of 1)
find-price-button Ikan Friction Follow Focus system with Adjustable Rod Clamp Base



The $24.00 dollar shoulder support with Rod mounts are getting a few questions as well as the recent Quick Release adapter posted on this blog. Here's a look at how i'm using these recently purchased items with my gear.

First a quick look at the cheap Quick Release adapter. It's not a standard QR adapter with a 1/4x20 thread already tapped in. Instead I run a beveled screw through the top of the adapter and place a bolt underneath. To keep the quick release adapter from shifting around I also used thin double sided tape between the adapter and the stage of the flycam nano. To prevent the nut from coming loose, I also have a washer + lock washer.

Flycam QR (1)Flycam QR (2)
Flycam QR (3)Flycam QR (4)

Second common question i've been getting is how to mount rods to the cheap $24 dollar shoulder support. To get the basic foundation setup, you'll need an adapter plate. This type of plate is commonly used under a rod rig so that it can be placed on top of a Tripod of Fluid head. When purchasing a basic set of rods or any rig, find out if one will be provided. If not you can buy one separately here: http://express35.com/tripod-mount/1054/

Gini-Rods (2)Gini-Rods (4)

After mounting the adapter plate to the shoulder support, I can then position any set of handles, build up an offset stage, have support for a follow focus, matte box, etc. You can also find a basic set of rails with DSLR base plate, and Tripod plate here: http://express35.com/rail-system/295/

Gini-Rods (5)Gini-Rods (1)
Gini Rig on $24 Shoulder Support w/ Varavon ViewFinder



The all too basic shoulder pad on most rigs are not as comfortable as they might appear. The firm silicone pads give wide placement of the rig to the shoulder, but does nothing for comfort. To add extra stability, relieve weight from the hands, and added comfort here are some alternative budget shoulder mounts. First up is a quite surprisingly well made shoulder pad which I believe is from India using the ProAim name. (BTW, this is sometimes bundled with handle grips, but if you contact the seller they can sell you the shoulder mount alone.) It's an all metal shoulder pad with rod adapter and a front chest brace. The contoured shoulder pad with a thick layer of flexible dense foam is definitely more comfortable, and the chest brace helps stabilize the unit futher by 'pulling' the rig back into your body. There is no rear 'hook' so it's not a total hands-free type rig that will remain on the shoulder if you release your hands. I did of course add my DIY counter weight to the rear, and at that time I was able to release my hands while the rig stayed fairly balanced.

find-price-button Shoulder Rig Pad with Rod adapter Body Plate

Last on the list is a very simple setup using the cheap $24 dollar mount. I've had this mount way back since January and have been using it with many different projects. It works surprisingly well, but don't use the crappy offset piece that it comes with. You'll know what i'm talking about when you get one. Of course I didn't get to use it with any Rail system, until the Gini arrived recently.

find-price-button Gini DSLR Rig

The setup there can be placed onto the shoulder and be completely hands-free, which means less weight on the arms. This little shooter that i've assembled is a very solid support to mount your camera, offset, and handles. You only really need one handle, but I have two there mainly acting as a kickstand when I need to set it down. If you've got those firm silicone pads on your rig now, take the cheap $24 dollar shoulder mount out for a test drive, you might be surprised.

find-price-button Shoulder Support Pad for Video Camcorder Camera DV / DC




Thanks to Darius for reminding me about these once in a while sales from Ikan. Periodically Ikan will have a 48 hour blowout sale discounting very select items from 30-50% off. Sounds like a great deal, but here's the other catch. Those very minimal select items are also on sale in minimal limited quantities. Today the IKan Friction Follow Focus shows up on the sale page starting with only 15 available at a discounted price of 30% off. If you're looking for a simple, modular, fast to mount follow focus that doesn't require different sized lens gears for each lens you own, today could be your day.


I've been playing with the one I have for a while and although it can be mounted in many different ways, I find it works best when using the rod adapter mount, and put onto the new Gini Rig that I have. If you don't have a basic rail mount, you can find a cheap base set over at Express35.com.




If you've been looking for DSLR rigs, i'm sure you've heard about the Korean DSLR Rig manufacturer Gini. The photo gallery (above) has two pages, so click the #2 to see more images. If you haven't heard of the DSLR Rig manufacturer from Korea, you can find all the available products here: Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

I'm about to write an article about a piece of DSLR gear that will sound like it belongs in a Playboy magazine. All the information out there on the web say the Korean DSLR rig manufacturer is just as good as the other guys sporting a Red and Black theme. I'm here to tell you that's all true. Sure the prices aren't dirt cheap, but the quality is outstanding, and keep reading to find out why i'm writing this. I'm sitting here with a huge package of clamps, rods, mounts, handles, and other odd shaped pieces of machined aluminum. Every single piece is carefully detailed, with high quality anodized coloring, and an outstanding flat brushed like finish. If you've ever dealt with manufacturing parts, you'd probably see this more as a fine work of art, than just pieces of equipment. The handles are as large as my hands with a smooth contoured finish that makes it easy and comfortable to grasp. There's nothing cheap on this rig, right down to the tiny bolts.

gini-dsl-stabilizer-rig (22 of 29)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

Sure, these rigs are nothing new and the seller has been out there for years. So why am I talking about this, and why am I currently infatuated with this new rig? I got it for a steal, and I mean literally a steal. I do eBay all the time, but this is the first time i've won an auction for something I thought I wouldn't receive. DSLR Rig sales on eBay have slowed down alot. The market is definitely saturated and everyone is finding new ways to build up custom rigs. Fortunately the seller Gini continues to market solely through eBay with a combination of 'Buy it Now', 'Best Offer', and 'Auction' type listings. There's a slew of different rigs being sold at different prices. I started by throwing in extremely cheap 'Best Offers' at a few different rigs. I was obviously denied, and fairly quickly I might add. Next I moved on to the actual Auctions listings where you throw in a bid, and surprisingly there's no reserve. I went straight for the big $1500 dollar package that offered so many different pieces. There's no denying a bid like the 'Best Offer' listings. Once the bid is in, it's in. The only way to get out of the sale is to be outbid. A few hours later, holy crap, I won the auction.

gini-dsl-stabilizer-rig (17 of 29)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

No communication came in about my payment being received, or any shipping information. Since it's an over seas sale, I decided to give him some time. 10 days after I won the auction, here I am talking about it. There's plenty of options for DSLR rigs, but not many of them offer 'Best Offer' and bid type 'Auctions'. If you've already got a budget set aside for a rig you're saving up for, you might want to throw in a few bids or leave some Best Offers with Gini. You never know what you can end up with, and for what price. I'm not going to talk about what I received my package for, but if you're an avid eBayer, it's an easy look up through the 'Completed Listings' advanced search option. You can easily see what rigs have sold, for what prices, and what offers were accepted. There's no doubt that I got lucky on this auction, but i'm glad Gini stood behind the auction and honored the sale. The item shipped fast, and also included a package labeled 'Gift' with a bunch of extra rods. (shown in the photos).

If you're looking to take a chance, and get lucky, click on any of the images in this article, or check out the new listings for these luxurious DSLR rigs: Click here for Pricing on Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

gini-dsl-stabilizer-rig (23 of 29)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs




This blog is 'moving mountains' thanks to all the readers out there who link back. We've seen it before where i've blogged about an item and prices go up. I blogged about a 717AH fluid head that's been on the shelves for years, and basically wiped out that entire inventory in the first 4 hours of my blog post. (They are still on major backorder).

Here's another example. I've been peeking through the eBay listings today on DSLR Rig sales. Let's just say sales haven't been on the upward trend for these type of rigs. I did although blog about the first ever $99 dollar Rod Rig DSLR shoulder shooter and that particular item went out the door faster than the seller expected. Well 'Gini Rigs', the Korean DSLR rig manufacturer most likely caught on, saw the attention this blog provided, and decided to launch their own version of a $99 dollar dslr shooter. So thanks to all the readers who link back and share this website. You're efforts are driving down prices on the competition around the world. Check out the new $99 Dollar Korean DSLR Shooter on eBay.

If you want to do more, all you have to do is link back on your BlogRoll, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and just get the word on out this blog. The more attention this blog gets, the sweeter the deals you'll get by driving down some of these ridiculous prices. Follow me on Twitter too!



click image for G-Cinema Gear

Just a few months ago, choosing a DSLR rig was limited to a few options. I've been trying to follow the different cheaper solutions available, and it seems like it's growing each week. Check out the complete line of DSLR's available on eBay.. The most popular overseas items would be the ones coming from Hong Kong and Korea. The Hong Kong rigs are still just Lego squared looking with some offensive color schemes. The Korean rigs known around the web as 'Gini Rigs', actually go by the name G-Cinema, have really improved on their black on black designs with attention to detail on every knob and clamp. Taking a look at the new line of G-Cinema rigs over on the auction site, list a whole new line of products, new DSLR rig configurations, cleaner designs, and now with lower prices for more parts. Similar DSLR configurations will run three times the price of a G-Cinema setup, so this is definitely the smart buy for the low budget guys who want that extra professional look. Check out the new lineup from G-Cinema DSLR Rigs.

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE] I received a Gini Rig and reviewed it here: http://cheesycam.com/the-gini-rig-arrives-from-korea
[Updated] Full Gini Rig Photo Gallery and Review

Comment from Reader:

Just picked up the G 1700S Cage model... offered $550 on Ebay, he accepted, and it made it to my door (SJ, California) in only 4 days. It's solid and the workmanship is great. Buying this model, I am able to have a number of different configurations. Why pay $3K for Zacuto??????


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gini dslr shoulder mount video rig
korean gini dslr rig

Hands down to Zacuto and Redrock. They've got some awesome gear, but that also means an awesome price tag! Hey not all of us are getting paid to shoot Feature Films. When shopping for a shoulder rig, a few friends told me about something called the 'Gini Rig'. It's probably old news to most of you out there, but it's always nice to share the information so here's the official Cheesycam post. The eBay seller goes by Gini so everyone has coined the term 'Gini Rigs'. It's all done by Computer Aided Designs, high quality materials, and designed to be modular and highly configurable. Looks and feels like expensive rigs, only it's less than half the price of similar rigs coming out of Zacuto and Redrock. Sure it's shipping from Korea so you're going to wait a week or two. But i'm loving these guerilla style DSLR rigs. Maybe maybe maybe.. Check out these awesome rigs that all the videographers are talking about!

[UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE] I received a Gini Rig and reviewed it here:  http://cheesycam.com/the-gini-rig-arrives-from-korea
[Updated] Full Gini Rig Photo Gallery and Review

cine city dslr video shoulder mount rig

There's also Cine City products which I believe are coming out of India. They've been around for a while, but the previous lineup of products was nothing to be excited about. I think over the year with the DSLR craze going wild, they have improved on their designs, quality, and lineup of products. Definitely much more professional looking and looks to be compatible with other similar ROD rigs. This means you can mix and match clamps, handles, follow focuses, and other accessories.
Check out some of the new Cine City lineups for DSLR video stabilizers. Click any of the images to buy the products on eBay.

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