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Manufacturer Quick Overview
The F3 7" Monitor is lightweight, portable, and boasts an 1024x600px LED backlight display. The newly designed LCD screen is vibrant and produces a crisp image perfect for pulling focus. The new LCD screen also has a viewing angle of 170-degrees, giving you freedom of motion while using the monitor. A built-in sunscreen not only shades your screen under bright environments, but also it protects it during travel.

This monitor comes equiped with peaking, black & white, and horizontal/vertical image flip. The F3 monitor automatically detects whether the signal is NTSC or PAL, and you can choose whether to display in either a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.

This HDMI + HD-SDI model features Composite RCA, Composite BNC, HDMI, and HD-SDI BNC connections.The monitor also comes with a built in Sony NP-F battery plate. The F3 monitor offers versatility at a price point you can't ignore.

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The Milk Diffusion filter is one of the most common add-ons people will purcahase along with the new F&V R-300 LED Ring light. Now they've added the Milk Diffusion Filter option for their popular on camera Z96 LED Video light. I still see people rockin' the Z96s so this will be a great addition to your kits over the standard diffuser. Check it out at the product page (Click Here)

Z96 LED Video Light Milk Filter Diffusion
find-price-button F&V New Milk Diffusion Filter for Z96 LED Video Lights