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Petapixel posted up an article about a cheap way to create a Rolling Camera Bag through a padded insert and it's something I use for one of my cases. You can find a variety of padded inserts that you can 'modify' to fit into standard rolling luggage cases found at your outlet centers. In the USA we have places like Ross and Marshalls that sell rolling bags at discount prices. One of the cheaper padded dividers mentioned is the Calumet padded divider showing up for about $40 dollars via Calumet (click here).

Calumet Insert DividersCalumet Roller Bag Insert
find-price-button Calumet Padded Roller Insert Dividers

Other slightly more expensive adjustable padded dividers that come with a top padded cover can be found from Pelican and Nanuk. You can find more of those padded dividers via eBay following the link below (click here).

find-price-button Padded Camera Equipment Dividers