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Here's a simple product that just makes life a little more simpler. The FlareDinkum Compact or Pro Lens Flag provides a simple solution for lens shade without having to carry around a large mattebox or when using ND filters and Various Lenses. There is a 1/4-20 female thread under the hotshoe mount if you want to mount it to some other area on your rig.

Cheesycam Dinkum Flag GH3

I've also used it in situations where i'm trying to keep a bit of rain off the front of my lens. The Dinkum Systems FlareDinkum is available in a variety of sizes from small to large, and this video shows the Compact version for smaller DSLR style cameras. You can find the FlareDinkum via Amazon (Click Here).

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find-price-button Dinkum Systems FlareDinkum COMPACT and PRO Lens Shade