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CN-600 SD LED lights CheesycamCheesycam new 600 LED Video Light Panel V-Lock

Thanks to Rod for sending this in. It looks like there's a new design change around the 600 LED lights, but so far I haven't seen the same for the 900 or 1200 panels. Still runs on AC or optional V-Mount battery, they state it's a new model and sports a slightly more rounded chassis at the edges. It looks like they have a small carry handle built in to the rear / top, and another noticeable change is the addition of a Wireless Remote that can control up to 4 different LED lights (or groups?) when set to A, B, C, or D. I could sure use something like that for the ones I have hanging from the Studio ceiling.

The older style 600 LED Video Light Panels over at Amazon (seen here) still list for about $350 bucks. I'm guessing this price won't last very long after this post as these new ones on eBay right now start at $250 + Free Shipping (Click Here)

Wireless Remote LED Dimmer 600 900 Video Light Panel CheesycamCN-600 600 LED Video LIght Panel New Wireless Remote
find-price-button New 600 LED Video Light Panel Sony V-Mount