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External Battery LPE8 LP-E8T3i T4i External Battery

Recently I featured the Panasonic GH3 DC Coupler (seen here) used for running external battery power. Running external power is one way to swap batteries easily when the camera is mounted inside of a cage, or if you're looking to just have super long run times. If you're looking do the same for your Canon cameras, you can pick up the AC/DC adapter (as seen here) and slightly modify it, but you will still need to find the proper battery to run an optimal 7.4V DC.

Lanparte Portable Battery Canon CameraLP-E6 Battery Power Lanparte
find-price-button Lanparte Li-On Portable External Battery

Well here's a recent Portable Power Solution Product that offers a 6600mAh Portable Li-Ion Battery along with a dummy battery to provide long lasting run times for Canon DSLR cameras that run on LP-E6 or LP-E8 batteries. That should cover pretty much every Canon DSLR made in the last 3 years. Lanparte is a name that has been putting out quality stuff in recent years, and i'm hoping this is just as good. I have one on order now. Not too shabby on the price considering they state a full charge will be the equivalent to the run time of 4 batteries. Check out the portable power solution following the link (Click here).

LP-E8 external batteryLP-E8 battery adapter
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Sony Battery Tray Rig DSLR VideoCatClaw Sony DSLR Rig Battery Power Adapter Canon
find-price-button Sony NPF-970 Battery Power Supply 5V, 7V, 12V

Thanks to a tweet from m0fe, he points out this alternative Sony Battery tray for powering up your DSLR rig with Sony NPF style batteries [Thanks m0fe]. They have a V-Mount power supply similar to this, but even cheap V-mount batteries are just out of most budgets. This tray accepts two Sony NPF970 Batteries (seen here) (but you can also use little NPF-550s) to power up fairly standard DSLR rig accessories.

The pack offers an output of 5V (for Zoom H4n), a 7V output (for powering Canon cameras), and a 12V output (for powering LCD monitors), and then clamps to a standard set of 15mm rails. The kit comes with all the necessary cables and even comes with a Canon LP-E6 dummy battery to start shooting. If you're an event shooter that needs to be fed constant power, this is one of the most affordable off the shelf solutions to power up your rig. Check it out via eBay (Click Here).

Sony NPF970 Battery Tray 15mm DSLR Rig15mm Sony Power Battery Tray
find-price-button Sony NPF-970 Battery Power Supply 5V, 7V, 12V