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The BlackMagic URSA gets a new firmware upgrade allowing HD capture at 150fps (almost doubling the previous max of 80fps). The new firmware also hints about a new 4K sensor that will allow 120fps 4K RAW capture. (The URSA sensor is upgradeable). I recently tested 80fps on the URSA.

Right now DVEStore is offering up a 128GB 2.0 CFAST Card + Card Reader + extra savings COUPON off the total price. If you're familiar with 128GB 2.0 (not 1.0) CFAST Cards, they can run well over $600 dollars. Add in the extra savings from a coupon code, you're on your way to almost $1K OFF the URSA. For more information about the BlackMagic URSA visit the DVEStore.com (here)

BlackMagic URSA

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BlackMagic Design FancierStudio Fancier Studio cage pocket cinema

Though we are seeing dozens of BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera cages already available, if you're looking for a complete kit with Form-Fitting Cage, Top Handle, Cold Shoe Mounts, and a set of 15mm Rails, it's hard to beat the price of this new FancierStudio BMPCC Cage. Just under $120 and Free Shipping (for Prime members) via Amazon (click here).

blackmagic pocket cinema cagefancierstudio cage
find-price-button FancierStudio BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Cage



Trying to mount a 23" full 1080p HDMI IPS LCD inside of a Pelican 1620 hard case, so we made this custom metal plate. Just waiting for my Vesa mount to arrive to finalize this little build out.

This single display attaches to the 'multi view' of the Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K Live Switcher for me to see all my video feeds in a single monitor. The monitor offers (2) HDMI inputs and can be powered via 12V DC so I can run it off batteries.

23 inch IPS LCD HDMI Monitor Pelican Case Cheesycam

[Rant: I have a Love/Hate relationship with this project but i'm getting closer to the finish line..]



I just wanted to make this video to clear a few things up for those who don't know how to power up the (BMPCC). Any 12V battery will work, in fact they say any 12V-20V battery will fine to power and charge up the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Just two little pieces you can pick up, requires no soldering, and you're pretty much ready to go to connect your BMPCC to most common 12V batteries. Just to make sure you have the correct polarity (positive in / negative out), here's the cable i'm using below.

cheesycam blackmagic pocket cinema battery cable
find-price-button BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera DC Cable

And to simplify things even more, here's a barrel tip adapter used for most common DC battery outputs with clear icons representing Negative / Positive, and requires no soldering.
5.5 2.5 DC Male Plug Tip
find-price-button 5.5x2.5 DC Barrel Tip

Here's a link to those inexpensive 12V CCTV batteries as well.
find-price-button 12V Super battery

These little iPhone clips run under $2 Dollars. Handy for a few things.
iPhone Clip Clamp
find-price-button iPhone SmartPhone Tripod Clips



Cyber Monday Deals

I can't wrap my head around all the deals this weekend, but as far as what I think might be of interest to this audience, here's a short list.

Adobe Lightroom V5. (expires in a few hours).
Great Deal especially if you're working with RAW images (or even CinemaDNG files).
Adobe Lightroom V5 $121.00 Now just $72 dollars (found here).

Rokinon Lens Deals.
They seem to be promoting these quite a bit today (and selling quite a few).
Rokinon 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens - Choice in Mount $279 (found here)
Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony) $199 (found here)

Panasonic GH3 Save $300 OFF
Probably the most full featured MFT Video & Photo Camera. It rocks.
Panasonic GH3 Camera -$300 OFF Cyber Monday (found here)

Sigma Macro Lens - ALL MOUNTS -$300 OFF
Portraits or up close details. Great for Wedding & Event Coverage.
Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS Macro Lens -$300 OFF - Cyber Monday (found here)

Canon Powershot S110 -$100 OFF
Nothing beats a solid pocketable camera. If you can't afford the $750 Sony RX100, the Canon S110 for just $219 (today) is my next suggestion.
Canon Powershot S110 - Cyber Monday (found here)

Seagate 3TB Drive + THUNDERBOLT Dock
These are so awesome, I own three. If you're working with SSD Sata drives (BlackMagic Cinema Cameras), you can dock directly to this and start editing. Once you work with Thunderbolt Speeds, it's hard to go back to USB. Sucks for me - I paid over $400+ each. Today, you can get it for just $199.
Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB Drive + Thunderbolt Dock Desktop External Hard Drive (found here)

Sandisk Extreme PRO SDHC / SDXC 32GB - 64GB
A must have for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera to shoot RAW. 64GB will give you about 20 minutes of RAW on the BMPCC, time to stock up. They are now up to 30% cheaper than when I purchased them.
Sandisk EXTREME PRO SDHC / SDXC Up to 30% OFF (found here)

Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II
Newest version. Originally $2499, now down to $2K. But wait, could this also qualify for the current Mail-In-Rebate for an additional $300 OFF bringing it down to just $1700?
Lens Listing: Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II - Checkout Price $2K (found here).
Mail-In-Rebate: Additional $300 OFF (found here)

[Keep checking back as i'll be updating through the day].



If you didn't catch some of the recent announcements, here's a quick run-down on a few great Sponsored Product Giveaways currently going on. These are officially sponsored by brand names such as Dynamic Perception, the DVEStore, Varavon, Benro, P&C, and many more.

One of the most exciting and generous contributions this week is from Dynamic Perception who is currently offering up a tricked-out Stage One Motorized Slider Bundle!. This is an upgraded kit which includes (2) 20" carbon fiber extensions, upgraded with the Quick Change Motor System, 2 swappable DC motors, and a real-time video controller the AT2. The AT2 controller makes this motorized system very intuitive to use as opposed to programming a module for timelapse.

Reference Links:

Other current and upcoming Sponsored Product Giveaways include a Varavon Multifinder-Uni, BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro from the DVEStore, a Fhugen GH3 Cage via P&C, a Benro Video Monopod with S4 Video Head, a Slidecam 9000 Camera Slider, and a K-Tek KE110cc Audio Boom Pole with internal XLR cable.