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Nope, that's not a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 3D Rig. That's just two BMPC cameras side by side for a little test. One of the most popular discussions about the BMPC is the 'Blooming Sensor' or 'White Orb' issue. It happens when there are specular highlights in the video that turn into perfectly circular flat white disks or golf balls on screen. The fix (according to BlackMagic Design) is to send your camera back to them and have the sensor calibrated.


If you've been following this blog, you'll know that I received two BlackMagic Pocket Cinema cameras from B&H Photo a few weeks ago. One of them right out of the box had a sensor issue and I was lucky to get it replaced by BlackMagic Design themselves. Did you catch that? This new camera came from BlackMagic Design's office directly. So i'm hoping that this new camera has a 'calibrated sensor'. I'm going to try and take them out and let's see what the results of a side by side video test shows.