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I got a quick glimpse of this unique Dougmon Small Camera Stabilizer over in New York during PhotoPlus Expo, but didn't really get to try it out. It's an interesting little arm brace that gives you freedom to shoot with a steady hand, but it's no replacement for a rig where you need to mount all of your other accessories.

dougmon stabilizer camera brace support
find-price-button Dougmon Small Camera Support Stabilizer - via B&H

It's also not going to give you a locked off tripod-shot, but from the design I can see how it would alleviate those dreaded micro-vibrations, especially when shooting with lenses that don't have Image Stabilization. As much as i'd like to try something like this out, it comes with a $500+ US dollar price tag. I'll keep my opinions to myself, but who out there has thoughts on such product?

Dougmon Arm Brace Camera Stabilizerdougmon camera stabilizer support brace
find-price-button Dougmon Small Camera Support Stabilizer - via Amazon