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We've shown you before how to use your iPhone as a portable audio recorder, but here's a brand new application that's taking things to another level. The AirLinc App once installed on two iOS devices (iphone or ipod touch) allows you to use them as a wireless microphone body pack of sorts.

One iOS device is setup as the microphone and the other is setup as the receiver. A camera operator can remotely adjust gain (levels), monitor audio, start/stop audio recording, and playback audio files - all wirelessly!. Here's a short demo of how to setup the app.

AirLinc is a neat little app especially if you have access to two iOS devices and an inexpensive Lav Microphone that works with the iPhone. It's still fairly new and the company is open to feedback on any issues while they work on further improvements. There are some limitations to this setup of course. Both devices have to be on the same network, or at least on the same Hot Spot. I've tested it with my Verizon Mobile Hot Spot and it works the same as a local WLAN. You'll also need a Lav Mic that works with iOS devices, and I can recommend the AspenMics.com HQ-SPK Kit.

aspenmics iphone lav microphone kit
find-price-button AspenMics HQ-SPK - iOS + Android Lav Microphone Kit

Here's the official YT video from AirLinc with the product description below.

Product Description:
The AirLinc system allows you to record quality audio locally to your iPhone or iPod touch while also providing live monitoring and remote control of that audio from a paired iPhone. Local recording means no dropouts & Live monitoring means less recording mishaps.

Learn-More-sm AirLinc System Record & Monitor Audio – Wirelessly