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Tekkeon Battery on 900 LED Video Light

I use the Tekkeon batteries to power up my 600 or 900 LED Video light panels. Great for remote location shoots where an outlet isn't available, cheaper than a Sony V-Mount battery, but Tekkeon batteries can still be a little expensive (article here).

ATC Power Bank on 600 LED Video Lights

TRIX writes in and shares an optional (and cheaper) solution for a DIY battery pack using the ATC Power Bank Black Mobile Pack (found here) to power up a couple of the new style 600 LED video lights [Thanks TRIX].

CN600SA LED Video LightLED 600 Video Light Lite Panel
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These Li-Polymer battery packs can switch output voltage from DC 12V/16V//19V 60W, USB 5V/1200mAh. For either the 600 or 900 LED light, you can use the 12V or 16V option. From the tests TRIX states the 600 LED Video light panels can run for a little more than an hour at Full Power. Perfect for quick remote location shoots and at half the price of my Tekkeon batteries.

find-price-buttonATC Power Bank External Battery Pack 16000mAh

The ATC Power Bank Mobile Pack comes with a few different adapters, but does not have the correct cable to work directly with the LED Video lights. You'll need to get a separate cable that has a 2.5mm ID & 5.5mm OD barrel plug on each end (one for LED and one for ATC pack). An example of the exact cable you'll need can be found on eBay (Click Here).

DC power plug Double 600 900 LED light
find-price-button 2.5mm 5.5mm DC Power Cable Double Plug

For those who are outside of the USA there's a seller available on eBay (Click Here)

600 LED Power Bank
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I setup (3) of my new 900 LED Video light panels against the 500 LED panels. These things really put out some power. Obviously there's more light output than the older 500 LED panel, but the color and throw is a world of difference. The 900 LED panel has an AC power cord that outputs 15V, and terminates to an 'N' size (Radio Shack) pin. This is the same size pin the Z96 and 352 LED Ring light uses. So I quickly threw on a variety of my DIY batteries to test total light output.

With the 900 LED panel powered from a 12V battery, the light turned on but was pretty dim. Using my (2) RC batteries joined together to 14.4V, the light was at full power. The third light I connected to AC power (15V) and was exactly at the same output as the one running on RC batteries 14.4V. I left the LED on full power using the RC batteries (fully charged) and after about an hour the light began to dim.

So it's possible to power these LED lights from a portable battery pack, but you'd need something that was at least 14V and fairly large to get some decent run time out of them. Even though they come with the V-Lock Battery mount, that might not be enough time to be worth the high cost of those batteries. Time to find a solution...

find-price-button 900 LED Dimmable Photography Video Camera DSLR 5400K/3200K Lighting Light Panel Sony V Mount battery Adapter INCLUDED 14V OUTPUT 110V-230V