Switronix PowerBase-70 Battery Pack BlackMagic Design Camera

BlackMagic Design has announced an amazing Production 4K Camera, and it's still based on the same form factor as the BlackMagic Deisgn 2.5K Cinema Camera. For those who may be thinking about shooting with these cameras, one of the first things to consider is an external battery option. Although the camera can operate with the internal battery, it is good practice to work an external solution. When the external battery runs low, you can quickly swap the external battery without powering down the camera.

One of the popular solutions so far for the BlackMagic Cinema Cameras is the Powerbase-70 from Switronix. The Powerbase-70 Battery Pack (w/ optional Charger) should provide you with an additional 4-6 hours of runtime, and via an optional XP power regulation cable, the battery can also power two additional 12V and lower-voltage devices at the same time as powering the camera.


The Switronix Powerbase can be mounted on a basic 1/4-20 accessory thread with a built-in quick release system for fast swaps. The battery is basically a V-mount that will also work with many popular LED Panels, and other accessories that run off of V-Mount solutions, so for some this may be worth the value. Check out the Switronix Powerbase-70 via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Switronix Powerbase-70 Battery for BlackMagic Production 4K / Cinema Camera

To mount the Switronix Powerbase-70 on the rear of the rig for use as a counterweight, i've added this cheese plate that can be reconfigured to sit horizontally or vertically. I picked up this 15mm Clamp Cheese Plate via eBay (found here).

find-price-button 15mm Clamp Cheese Plate Mount


11 thoughts on “Switronix PowerBase-70 Battery Pack BlackMagic Design Camera

  1. Mike C


    I plan to use the Tekkeon w/ some simple velcro. Haven't had the snap system around to check if mount holes line up. Right now I haven't had any battery problems with just the battery grip, but then again, I'm not running lights, evf, preamps, etc.

  2. Mike C

    Glad to see you're getting some good use out of my cheeseplate design. I've been using 2, one horizontal on top, and one off the back vertically. I hope Manfrotto releases a new top load standalone QR solution in the style of their 500 head. I recently got word from Freeman, the HK manufacturer of this plate design. he's recently began producing a rounded edge model with a few different hole taps to offer better mounting for a wider variety of options. They should be on the aminimart page, as well as any of the other few HK ebay seller pages in the near future.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - Thanks for the input, I agree. For mere use on LED panels, yes it is expensive and not worth the price.

    This article was providing information about a 4-6 hour run time solution for the BlackMagic that just happens to work with LED lights (adding additional value). The article is targeting those who will be shooting with this cam.

  4. not saying this is a "better" solution for this exact rig but it is definitely more versatile and has double the amp hours and can power anything!

    Paul C Buff Vagabon Mini- I have had it for over a year and use it on nearly every shoot for all sorts of random things.


  5. OldCorpse

    I understand it's expensive to make the cam fully functional, no problem. What I meant by "expensive" is the whole v-battery system - batteries and charger. I use it for the F&V lights in your photos. So it has nothing to do with the camera, for me. If you buy the set of 3, it comes to like $350 per light. But if you want to use batteries, on those, you have to buy the charger, and then batteries which are minimum $150 each - *that's* what's expensive. Other lights manage with various batteries like the sony nps for like $20. There is no reason why this system (Switronix) has to cost so much. That's what I meant by "expensive". Can't wait for the Chinese to come up with some sorely needed competition. I would like the batteries to be no more than about $70 - and I think it's doable. Cheesycam is all about value and bang for the buck, and how to do things inexpensively. This battery system is the antithesis of that. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - This camera isn't for the cheap. You'll need far more than just a battery to work with this camera.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny - I would say the 5D Mark III is the main. If you can set up the exposure, the Canon still can provide amazing quality right from the camera. The BMCC just requires additional tools and post workflow. Sometimes you just don't want to deal with all the extra work.

  8. Danny


    So, What is your main workhorse for video? 5D MkIII, BMC, GH3, FS700?

    I'm a Mark III owner - with 16-35, 24-70, 70-200 and all primary primes - but questioning is it the best tool for all around video. I'm considering selling all Canon and build off of a Sony FS700 or maybe a BMC.

    I am just curious about what you prefer, granted there are many variables.


  9. Derek

    Thanks for the heads up on the solution. Trying to figure out the full price of going with the 4K upgrade from my current config of the FS100 . Seems to be I can get everything I need for just over $5K which is pretty great.

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