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Looking to start or stop video on your camera remotely? For Canon cameras, this can only be done via compatible infrared remote. It's a nice addition to stick on the handle of your rig so that you don't get those few seconds of unusable video. There's plenty of DIY solutions to route the infrared signal to the camera if the remote needs to be positioned elsewhere. One of those popular methods is by using an Optical Audio cable (like home stereo stuff). These optical cables run the light from the remote to the front of the Canon camera. I just ordered a remote and verified that it does indeed work on both the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D. On the T2i it can fire off photos (no video mode). To initiate video, you'll need to use the S2 button. Total cost was $2.66 + 0.50 cents shipping. Found below (click here).

find-price-button Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Canon EOS


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  1. mitch-ogb

    extend the remotes range or use with a jib when u cannot get infront of the camera with an IR extender

    Use an IR Extender powered by USB with canon rc-6 remote to trigger video record on t3i
    In reply to Hurricane Phil, 25 min ago
    I post this here because i was searching for a wired remote to start video for a jib on t3i, t4i, t5i series.

    Simple! Use an RF Extender powered by USB with canon rc-6 remote. put the extenders,sender on the canon IR reciever, run the cord down your boom and then you can point at it easily.

    Extra long cable length, 25ft between emitter and receiver
    the source, radio shacks, futureshops have these for under 20 dollars.
    Use a USB battery pack to power your extender.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @greg - Have you tried setting your camera's drive mode to accept the remote signal. It won't work unless you do so.

  3. Emm, man, it was too obvious. I must have scrolled through that setting 5 times. But it was too obvious. I was searching through all the menu functions and testing every single thing. Glad it happened though, learned a few things like the RGB histogram option. Pretty cool. The remote control icon in the drive mode (on the top of the camera) works perfectly to start up video using the 2s button.

    Now I just need to rig up some sort of optical cable or something to fire it up from behind for the jib. Plus, I am considering making some sort of manual remote focus for the jib using a follow focus and either a really long custom whip or some type of pulley system like the one on this thing:

    Check out the focus with the thumb. I thought I could make a really long version of that on my crane. If I pull it off, I'll let you know.

    Emm, great job on the site. Thanks!

  4. I just got this. It works on my t2i for video but not my 5D Mark ii. I had to turn on remote for the t2i, but I can not find that setting for the 5D Mark ii. Emm, or anyone else, do you know what I am missing?


  5. We're testing a product prototype that works for ALL current Canon DSLRs with video recording capability, and can do more than start/stop recording.

    It's Pro level quality, so it won't be as cheap as the IR remote release, but it has LOT more and better features.

    More on this coming soon.

    If the manufacturer allows us, we'll pass the info to Emm as well.


  6. Gene

    Since we're on the topic of controllers. Sorry... this is a bit different, but Im trying to build a motorized dolly and I need controller that does Shoot-Move-Shoot for some night shots.

    I know there's the Dynamic Perceptions MX2 Engine, but it's fairly expensive with the battery pack.

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper motor controller that can do basic control of the dolly motor and Shoot-Move-Shoot?


  7. Tony

    Another affirmation that remote works with T3i. As Paul says above, simply use the "2S" button. I bought mine from one Amazon sellers.

  8. Paul

    Video start/stop works on the T3i, and I would guess on T2i. You need to use the 2sec delay button for video, in normal mode it takes still images. Don't forget to activate the use of a remote in the VIDEO section of the menu. Also beware of 3rd party remotes, I bought a cheap one from eBay that showed the 2sec button in the photo, but the one shipped did not have one. Luckily it was a US seller and I got quick customer service, in the end they gave me a sweet deal on the canon brand remote.


    I made one of these a while ago for my 7D...still going strong and works like a charm! Not bad for a total of about $5.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @ronjbase - It works via infrared. You turn the 'remote' shooting mode on the camera, and it listens for infrared commands. The remote should be able to communicate to the camera to shoot pictures (when camera is set to picture mode) or start/stop video (when camera set to video mode).

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