Sony SDHC SDXC micoSD Media Card Discount Bundles

There's currently a sale on select 'Bundled' Sony Media Cards ranging in different speeds, different sizes, and different media types starting as low as $16.90 US (click here).

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4 thoughts on “Sony SDHC SDXC micoSD Media Card Discount Bundles

  1. Good to know. It is still a decent deal for that speed card. I'm currently using the Transcend 600x cards to shoot prores and haven't had any issues. Your blog is a regular in my Feedly app. Keep up the good work!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Daily Film Fix - I tried it, and it will recognize the card, but after a minute of shooting you'll see the 'dropped frames' icon flashing. I do not suggest these for shooting RAW on the BMPCC. It would work fine for any of the ProRes stuff though.

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