The old Focus Assist in the SmallHD DP6 HDMI LCD monitor would make the screen literally go black and show white lines in what was in focus. The problem was it was hard to see what you were trying to focus on. You can see an example in the video (above) of how dark the old Focus Assist feature was. Here you can see the new Focus assist feature (below) works much better than before acting more like an overlay.

I know i’m really late to update the DP6 firmware and it’s probably been out for months, but i’m also using other LCD monitors so I was in no rush. When they said the SmallHD monitors were future proof, here’s another example of how they’ve managed to continue to improve on the features.With a simple USB drive, you download the latest firmware from the website, and then run the install. This update took only 30 seconds or so, and i’m back in business. I’ve had this monitor for quite some time, and although i’ve neglected it lately, with the new focus assist feature it feels like a totally different tool again.

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