Several Great New Sponsored Product Giveaways

If you didn't catch some of the recent announcements, here's a quick run-down on a few great Sponsored Product Giveaways currently going on. These are officially sponsored by brand names such as Dynamic Perception, the DVEStore, Varavon, Benro, P&C, and many more.

One of the most exciting and generous contributions this week is from Dynamic Perception who is currently offering up a tricked-out Stage One Motorized Slider Bundle!. This is an upgraded kit which includes (2) 20" carbon fiber extensions, upgraded with the Quick Change Motor System, 2 swappable DC motors, and a real-time video controller the AT2. The AT2 controller makes this motorized system very intuitive to use as opposed to programming a module for timelapse.

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Other current and upcoming Sponsored Product Giveaways include a Varavon Multifinder-Uni, BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro from the DVEStore, a Fhugen GH3 Cage via P&C, a Benro Video Monopod with S4 Video Head, a Slidecam 9000 Camera Slider, and a K-Tek KE110cc Audio Boom Pole with internal XLR cable.


6 thoughts on “Several Great New Sponsored Product Giveaways

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Neil - each giveaway has different requirements, but yes depending on where the company is based there are various laws about such type promotions.

  2. Neil

    It seems to me to be immensely short-sighted of these companies to only offer these giveaways to U.S. residents. There's a whole world out there of millions of potential customers many of whom have money to spend. Is there some kind of strange law that prohibits these companies from making these offers available on an international level or is a shipping cost issue?

    Either way, one would think they would be interested in growing their brand beyond just the U.S.

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