Sennheiser G3 Bundles FREE Audio Recorder Deals

Over the last few weeks a few people I know were thinking about finally picking up a set of Sennheiser G3 wireless kits. While certainly not the best deal i've seen for the G3 Wireless systems, these new offers from Adorama are certainly deals to consider if you're about ready to make a purchase.

Adorama has a list of G3 systems bundled with various Audio Recorders like the new Tascam DR44WL Wireless Audio Recorder or the popular Zoom H4n along with Media Cards, and other accessories. Basically it's like free gear with your purchase which can add up to over $300 Dollars in free gear. Don't need the recorder? Sell it! That makes your G3 kit even cheaper.

These are exclusive and for a limited time only, there are about 12 different bundles which you can find (here).

find-price-button Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lav Microphone Kits with FREE Audio Recorders, etc.

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