Save -$185 OFF Zoom Q2HD Handy Video Recorder just $64.95

Zoom is best known for it's portable audio recorders such as the H4n and H6, but over the years they have also managed to make portable video cameras as well. The Q2HD is a 1080p HD Video camera used mostly by musicians who want an easy way to capture high quality audio and share clips on youtube. For the next 10 hours B&H has offered up an instant savings of -$185 OFF leaving the Q2HD at just $64.95. Might be a good stocking stuffer for your musical friends and family. Ends today (find it here).

Zoom Q2HD Video Recorder
find-price-button Zoom Q2HD Portable Audio Video Recorder


2 thoughts on “Save -$185 OFF Zoom Q2HD Handy Video Recorder just $64.95

  1. J Toha

    With smartphones nowadays having good 1080p video recording quality, this Q2HD sure faces tough competition. About the only edge it has over them is likely the better audio recording quality.

  2. Rob S.

    Olympus made something like this briefly but it disappeared after a year or two. I think small cams like this have their place. Probably offers better sound and video than a phone cam but it one extra device to carry. This is pretty tempting to have when you've got nothing else and want to capture some footage.

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