Satechi Smart Trigger – iOS Wireless Timer Remote for DSLR

Satechi has introduced a wireless Remote for DSLR Cameras. The Smart Trigger is a fully functional wireless timer remote designed to be controlled from your iPhone or iPad. Use the Smart Trigger app to control your DSLR camera with three unique shooting modes.

Regular Shot
This mode allows your smart phone to act as a wireless shutter. Touch the shutter control button to capture a picture - perfect for including the photographer in group shots!

Manual Shot
Manual Shot allows you to take long exposures while in bulb mode. This mode includes a switch that will lock the shutter open; use Manual Shot for photographic techniques like star trails and light painting.

Timed Shot
Timed Shot mode turns your iPhone or iPad into an intervalometer. Fine-tune your timer settings and use this mode to perform advanced photography techniques like time-lapses.

The Satechi Smart Trigger can be found via Amazon (Click Here)
Satechi BlueTooth Smart Trigger
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7 thoughts on “Satechi Smart Trigger – iOS Wireless Timer Remote for DSLR

  1. Tommy

    @Peter, I have bought another product: Raydio Master RDM-ST1. It has the Smart Scheduler feature that the photo tasks will keep on even the phone is disconnected. I think the RDM-ST1 has memory to store the instruction. Even I reconnect the iphone, I can restore the current status of job ongoing.

  2. Peter

    So I got it today, set the intervalometer but when my iPhone locks and goes to sleep, the bluetooth disengages and it stops taking photos. Am I doing something wrong here? I can set my phone to never sleep, but that seems like a waste of battery.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - This is a little more functional than a simple remote. One thing this offers is advanced control over the camera's bulb setting for long exposure. Then there is the intervalometer, which may even work combined with the bulb setting. I don't know of a 6 dollar remote that offers that same control, as well as being compatible with many cameras by just swapping the cable portion.

  4. Rob

    I cannot see how this is worth the price when a perfectly workable, off-brand remote cost me $6.

  5. Peter

    Thanks! Ordered one.

    When I first saw it was Bluetooth 4.0 I thought my phone didn't support it but it turns out that the iPhone 4S is supported after all so I picked one up. After seeing House of Cards, I wanted to get an intervalometer so I've been looking for something like this to put in my gear bag.

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