Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB Solid State Deal

If your camera (i.e BlackMagic 4K) or external video recorder (i.e. Atomos Ninja) requires a Solid State Drive for capturing, here's a good deal. Included with your purchase is a 10 Year Warranty on this 480GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD deal today (click here).

Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD
find-price-button 480GB Sandisk Extreme Pro Solid State Drive

[Tip:] If you're running out of space on a MacBook Pro, you can also take advantage of the fast SSD speeds to make your own Thunderbolt External Drive to edit video with using an external adapter (article here).

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  1. FabDex

    I wouldn't recommend this for the Blackmagic: the drive is 7mm thick and the BMCC and BMPC use 9mm drives. Unless you shim it, it will not form a very sturdy connection if you're moving the camera.

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