Sail or Fail? Nikon Coolpix A Large Sensor Compact

There's a number of companies putting out large sensor point and shoot cameras, and now there's the Nikon A. The new Nikon A has a large APS-C sized sensor that pretty much matches up with what you'll find in a professional Nikon D7000 DSLR. It's not quite the magic you'll find in a full frame Sony RX1 which retails for $2800, but the Nikon A is targeting the retail price of $1,000.

I'm sure there's a number of people that would be excited about this camera, but I took a look at some of the specs to see if it could replace any of the cameras i'm currently using. Having a large sensor is nice, but for me personally, it falls short in some areas. It has a limited shutter of 1/2000ths, so I can't see myself using this in place of my DSLR. It has only a fixed 18mm F/2.8 lens (equiv 28mm), which I feel is a bit too wide for portraits. It may be a fun camera for random street photography, but at a $1K price point, I don't see myself using this for anything else.

The new Nikon Coolpix A is available in Black and Silver, and is already available for pre-order. What do you guys think about the new Nikon Coolpix A? Any ideas of how this camera can fit into your lifestyle or work outside of all the other options available on the market? Sail or Fail? Take a look at more of the specs in the product page via B&HPhotoVideo (Click Here).

Nikon CoolPix A Point Shoot APS-CNikon Coolpix A APS-C Point Shoot
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6 thoughts on “Sail or Fail? Nikon Coolpix A Large Sensor Compact

  1. Mister Big

    If it had a 35mm or 50mm equivalent focal length, I'd be very interested. 28mm is too wide for a fixed lens.

    I'll be looking at the Fuji X100s for sure because it has a 35mm-equivalent F2 fixed lens, which is how I see the world.

    Regretfully, it's a fail for me.

  2. scottrellwi

    It looks like a great travel camera, but who wants to spend over $1000 on a camera you may not use much after the vacation? Fail for me.

  3. iP337

    It would be a decent reporter camera where 28mm is a standard focal length and the small size would make it easy to travel (sneak into places) with. If it had a sensor crop mode like the new D7100 down to 2x Full Frame equivalent or even down to a 1" or 2/3" sensor (we only need 2-8mp for the web and tv anyway) it could be great but at $1000 it's a no go for me, I'd rather have an NEX or GF at that price.

    For those only in the market for a fixed lens camera I think it's the first actually pocketable large sensor camera; RX1 being to big and the G1X having a sensor too small this one is just right.

  4. I so don't get those large sensor fixed lens cameras. If DSLRs taught us anything was that to use all sorts of inexpensive lenses to get the look we want. For half of that you can get a GH2 or a t4i with a kit lens and interchangeability.

  5. I'm not personally interested in this kind of set-up, but I could definitely see this appealing to amateurs/enthusiasts that need something more than an iPhone for their travel photography. Considering all the alternatives though, I'm not so sure it will really stand out in the crowd.

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