Running Wires through CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal + Project Box Cover

A couple of others have already ordered their gimbal, or have already received the gimbal, so I thought I'd just throw up this video. Here's a look at how and where my wires are run through the CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal along with a tip on removing those little connectors.

I'm still in the middle of taking the entire thing apart, but if you're already getting started maybe that video can give you an idea of how i've run the wires through the frame. Sorry the end of the video got cut off, but I got lazy. It is what it is.

This next video shows how i've added [in a not-so-elegant way] an electronics Project Box to the rear of the Gimbal. This keeps the control board covered (protected), prevents the battery cable from being yanked off the board, and also hides the excess wiring - keeping things clean. I have drilled a few holes to allow a flush mount, and a hole off the side for the USB port. Here's a closer look.

[ In case you are clueless to this product, check out the gimbal review posted earlier (here) ]


59 thoughts on “Running Wires through CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal + Project Box Cover

  1. MPK

    Hi Does anyone know if I can use a high amp battery to get more time then 20 mins with the gimbal and could you suggest one.

  2. Hi Emm! Thanks for your useful info! You have helped me a lot!
    I have a question if you know where to find a bullhead monitor mount that will fit on the rod?

    Best regards


  3. joes

    Hi Thanks for doing all this. So I made the mistake of cutting the wire off the clips and now I need the ends so I can reconnect them. Where do I get the foo hickey on the end of the wire so I can reconnect the wore to the clip and what is it called? thanks!

  4. @Lorenzo-Very nice video! Could you share your Camera, lens combo for this video, maybe even what the weight is for them. Also, If you could post the Screen shots of your complete setup, what firmware you used, any secrets?

    This system needs all the support and global help it can get!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @charles_alex - You have to connect it to a computer and configure the profile after you build it.

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