Small LCD monitors are the rage these days. Ruige’s 5″ TL-S500HD monitor has a few features that aid specifically Canon DSLRs. Most Canon cameras will change resolution when going into record mode, and you also lose your zoom focus ability. The Ruige does not drop resolution when going into record mode (you get to use the full screen), and you can zoom in (with optional Ruige Zoom trigger) while you’re recording. Helpful to get accurate focus while the camera is rolling. Also available is a unique HDMI lock to prevent the cable from slipping off – a common problem. Since HDMI can carry audio, you are able to monitor audio through the Ruige headphone port. Also comes with focus peaking (another aid to help focus).

Ruige 5"
find-price-button Ruige 5″ TL-S500HD HDMI LCD Monitor

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