Redhead Windscreens for Zoom H1

example of Redhead Windscreen on Zoom H4n

The Zoom H1 has become my favorite go to audio recorder for a quick take. I can get this setup on just about anything fairly quickly. I shot a demo about LCW's BigEye viewfinder found here: using only the on board microphones and the X/Y stereo configuration sounded sweet. Of course I was in a controlled studio and just like any microphone, it's completely vulnerable to small breezes. The sad fact is the basic Zoom H1 package does not come with any type of windscreen.

If you're wondering about a DIY, I actually had a go and failed pretty miserably. Sure, whatever fuzzy little monstrosity I created made a slight difference, but nothing like a Redhead Windscreen. There's actually different types of fur, thickness of fur, length of fur, acoustically transparent backing, and a bunch of other things to consider for best performance. By the time I got the materials, tested a few, and had wifey sew everything up, I put in more than enough funds where I should have just purchased one. In fact, I did purchase one and wifey to this day gives me dirty looks about wasting her time whenever I strap on the purchased Windscreen. Well you don't start appreciating good gear until go through some of the pains I guess.


So i've been waiting on everyone's favorite brand Redhead Windscreens to finally release a Zoom H1 version. Redhead Windscreen is owned by active Vimeo Member and Audiophile iamkalaniprince. Just a few days ago the Zoom H1 version was announced, and i'm excited to get a hold of a couple since I have multiple H1's. The above video is an example shot with a Redhead Windscreen on a Zoom H4n, but there's a long list of Audio recorders that are supported. You can find more information about RedHead Windscreens at

Below: Current list of RedHead Windscreens supported Portable Audio Recorders


4 thoughts on “Redhead Windscreens for Zoom H1

  1. Nick


    Not too steal any RedHead Thunder, but I've found an extremely affordable (albeit less attractive) alternative.

    Check out this link to this mid-size microphone windscreens:

    Black Microphone Foam Windshield Windscreen Soft Cover

    It fits snugly over the H1's mics, and the only drawback I can see is that you'll need to lift the bottom edge up slightly to determine if the "Peak" light is lighting up.

    I'll send pics of it later when I'm around my cam.

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  3. Jason

    I want a redhead..I also like how more than half the video demo is just black screen with a song playing..haha

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